You’re holding it wrong: the OnePlus 2’s home button doesn’t work properly when the phone is gripped


OnePlus 2 DSC09860

Ready for the next big engineering pitfall in mobile? Some early OnePlus 2 owners have found that their smartphones have an actual design flaw. This flaw causes the all-important home button to become unresponsive.

What happens is that the phone’s home button either doesn’t reliably register input or completely fails to recognize input when you’re gripping the device. In the video above from the user who initially reported the issue, the home button takes a few tries to work when holding it with one hand, and holding it with two hands renders it completely unresponsive. Putting the phone down onto a surface and using the home button produces perfect results.

This sounds a lot like an electrical grounding issue, which would make sense considering the OnePlus 2’s exterior frame is metal.

Despite OnePlus’s most loyal fans calling foul and trying to berate anyone who would dare report a flaw with the phone, multiple reports means there must be some sort of issue, especially since the amount of people outside of China who own the phone is a very slim count.

There’s no telling whether this issue could be fixed with some sort of software update, but a quick “fix” in the meantime is to slap a case onto your OnePlus 2 and go about your day. We’ll be reaching out to OnePlus to see if they’re aware of any issues with the home button, and whether they can be remedied with an eventual OTA update. We’ll also be looking to reproduce the issues on our own OnePlus 2 unit with the latest OTA update, so stay tuned.

[via OnePlus]

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