OnePlus 2’s “aggressive invite rollout” will happen starting next weekend


OnePlus hit a bit of a snag in their timeline for dishing out those all-important OnePlus 2 invites, but the company says the wait won’t be long from here on out. Carl Pei on Twitter confirmed their “aggressive invite rollout” will happen starting next weekend, which could be seen as September 4th.

OnePlus 2 DSC09848

We’re still not exactly sure how aggressive OnePlus plans to issue these things, but the company did previously state their there would be a significant increase of availability compared to the first device they launched. Whether this amounts to 10s of thousands more invites available upon release compared to the original OnePlus remains to be seen.

Either way, we expect it to be rather easy to grab an invite once they start rolling out. If it’s anything like last year’s, OnePlus will hold various contests and ship them out in first come, first serve basis to those who signed up for one. The people who get an invite should also get an extra one to send to a friend or give to a needy soul on the internet.

To maximize your chances of snagging one, we recommend signing up over at OnePlus’s forums as they often do member-only invite promotions. It’s also not uncommon to simply ask for an invite and have someone ready to throw one your way in no time. Keep your eyes on Reddit, too, and checking up on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ every now and then also doesn’t hurt. Anyone should be able to get an invite in timely fashion if they really want one. But for now, we’ll wait and see just how plentiful these things are going to be!

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