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HTC’s hard at work on making the flagship they hope will dig them out of the dumps. New rumors suggest they’ll be going with a new naming scheme for their 2016 effort. What might otherwise be known as the HTC One M10 will come to market as the HTC O2, rumors suggest.

Going with a new name doesn’t sound like such a bad idea for the Taiwanese company. While the HTC One line has been some of their best work yet, folks are starting to feel like a bit of change is needed after getting 3 consecutive phones which look too similar both outside and in. We’d like to think the “O2” stands for “One 2,” signifying that they’re finally ready to make the next big step in terms of innovation and design.

And with some of the early specs being thrown around, it sounds like they are. Rumors suggest they’ll be going with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820, which will come to market as a quad-core chipset with the company’s custom Hydra ARM-based processing cores. Such a chipset is crafted with Samsung’s FinFET 14nm process — the same as found inside the Exynos 7420 — which makes for much less heat and power consumption. The chipset has the potential to be better than Samsung’s premier line.

We could also be looking at 4GB of RAM under the hood, which should be plenty to run an already-smooth HTC Sense. What do you hope to see in HTC’s next smartphone? Sound off below!

[via MyDrivers, Xiaomi Today]

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