Confirmed: Dual-SIM Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will have a microSD card slot



We heard ahead of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5’s launch that one variant of the device — a dual-SIM variant — would actually include a microSD card slot. This was some tough news to swallow as many wish the feature came standard.

note 5 dual-sim

Well, that rumor seems to have turned out true, and the first photo of that variant has arrived. As you can see, the second SIM slot for the Galaxy Note 5 will double as a microSD tray. It looks rather big for that purpose, but we imagine there will be some sort of adapter you can use to get a good fit.

We’re not sure why Samsung couldn’t have done something similar for all variants of the Galaxy Note 5. Even if they didn’t want North American models to have dual-SIM functionality they could have just used this sort of design to add the microSD slot we’ve been begging for.

Unfortunately we still don’t know which exact market will get this variant (the feeling is China, but we’re holding out hope that more will be included). We’ve reached out to Samsung to find out, but for now just know that it’s out there and you’ll probably need to import it if you want one (which we imagine many of you would if our latest poll is anything to judge).

[via GSMDome]

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