How pissed are you that the Galaxy Note 5 didn’t end up having a micro SD slot or removable battery? [POLL]


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Now that the dust surrounding the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus has somewhat settled, we can finally take a step back and carefully figure out if the phones are really worth upgrading to. Sure, they bring the usual boost in specs and performance (more RAM, more cores, more camera), but at the cost of a few key features Galaxy fans may have grown accustomed to: micro SD expansion and a removable battery.

You may recall early rumors of Samsung dropping micro SD expansion and a removable battery for the Note 5, but there were still longtime Note fans holding onto hope, waiting for an official announcement before accepting their fate. Look, we’re not poking fun. Nothing is ever really official until it’s, well, official and a wise man never jumps to conclusions. But while the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus made sense (it’s essentially a bigger S6 Edge), how could Samsung pull such a 180 on longtime Note fans? Now that it is official, we can’t help but wonder — how do you feel?

We know losing out on functionality is never fun, and while some Note fans may have already grabbed their wallets and headed toward greener pastures (LG G4 perhaps? Moto X 2015?), we’re sure there are just as many of you not too worried about SD cards or fiddling around with spare batteries. For anyone that was at one time considering — or possibly still are — buying the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 we ask: how pissed are you that the Note 5 doesn’t have a micro SD slot or removable battery? Vote in our poll.

UPDATE: It seems the dual-SIM variant will, in fact, have a micro SD card slot. Problem is we rarely see dual-SIM devices outside of China, meaning even if imported, it will need to support the US’s specific frequency bands. Not impossible, just highly unlikely.

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