Jcase and RootNinja could finally be close to cracking Motorola’s bootloaders


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Motorola was one of the first OEMs to use a super tight bootloader in their smartphones, which forced developers to find alternative and messy methods for loading up ROMs. While the company has yet to come down off their super tight vault, some developers haven’t given up trying to crack it.

JCase and The Root Ninja have tweeted a bit of a teaser suggesting they’ve cracked the code:

All Your Bootloader Are Belong To Us

When asked if this meant “ALL” bootloaders… well, they wouldn’t confirm it, but they wouldn’t deny it either. They said they “think” so in response to a question about whether the DROID Turbo would get love, and even last year’s Moto X is confirmed to be cracked.

Whether this means super old phones like the DROID X or the Motorola Cliq (LOL) are included is up in the air, though we imagine not many people are still clinging to those ancient devices anyway. Unfortunately that’s all the tease we’ll get for now, but we’ll certainly be hitting these talented gents up to see if we can’t get a clearer idea of what’s in store.

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