Aug 10th, 2015

snapchat update 2

It might be time to finally reinstall Snapchat again. After a bug in a previous version caused the app to consume an insane amount of data — even in the background — a few users uninstalled and haven’t looked back. While this was eventually patch in later releases, the app was still pretty data hungry, downloading videos and snaps in the background, draining an abnormal amount of battery for some folks even when not in use.

In a new update rolling out today for iOS and Android, Snapchat is finally giving users the ability to turn off pre-loading videos completely with a new feature called Travel Mode. The new setting will prevent the app from automatically downloading snaps upon opening, instead requiring the user to tap and download snaps on demand. While performance is likely to take a hit (since snaps aren’t already waiting for you, you’ll have to wait for them to load), you wont unexpectedly hit any data caps, which could be some piece of mind for those on limited data plans.

The update also introduces something Snapchat is calling Sticker Picker which allows users to place an unlimited number of emoji on their snaps and in any fashion. Previously users were only given the text field to place emoji over snaps, rotating and resizing from there. More options are good and while this isn’t going to change anyone’s life, it’s a nice addition to a solid social app. The Play Store still shows version from July 28th, so it doesn’t appear the update has gone live yet for Android, but stay on the lookout.

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