The HTC One M8 won’t get HTC Sense 7 until Android M update



HTC originally suggested HTC One M8 owners would be on the latest version of HTC Sense — Sense 7 — once Android 5.1 Lollipop arrived. Unfortunately that is no longer the case, as Mo Versi has confirmed on Twitter that the planned release is now scheduled to be tied in with Android M. The original expectation was by the end of August, so delaying it until Android M’s release is sure to add months to the wait time.

This is very sad news for users considering we don’t even know when Android M will be ready for public consumption. And it’s not as if folks will get an update the moment Android M code is released, either: HTC still has to go through the motions of developing and testing on top of it.

Sure, the company has been one of the better guys in terms of updates in recent times, but we feel for the HTC One M8 owners who thought they’d be on Sense 7 anytime soon. It’s not all bad — you’re getting Android M sooner or later, after all — but for now you’re going to have to sit back and keep waiting to use the updated goods that M9 users are currently enjoying (which you can read about in our HTC One M9 review).

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