OnePlus 2 shipments have officially been delayed by 2 to 3 weeks for the US and Canada


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It’s probably the last thing OnePlus fans wanted to hear, but for those anxiously awaiting the arrival of the OnePlus 2 here in North America, the phone’s ship date has been delayed. Posted to their online forum, OnePlus has announced that shipments of the phone have officially been pushed back, with the “2016 flagship killer” now shipping in the US and Canada 2-3 weeks later than originally planned (only after it arrives in Europe).

Keep in mind this wont affect the launch date, which will still — depending on whether or not you can grab an invite — kick off tomorrow, August 11th. For those in the US and Canada, it just means you’ll have to do a little more waiting before it arrives on your door. Delays like this are common from such a small company, but with a lack of NFC and fast charging tech, this could be that extra nudge some needed to move onto recently announced devices like the Moto X Style (Pure Edition). Anyone waiting for an invite? Does this delay change your decision to pick up the OnePlus 2?

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