Sprint CEO: T-Mobile Un-Carrier is bullshit


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It looks like T-Mobile’s edgy CEO John Legere isn’t the only man in his position with a loose tongue. Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure seems to have had a nerve stricken by Legere as a result of the Magenta man calling Sprint’s new All-In plans a “swing and a miss.”

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And it wasn’t some politically correct PR drivel, either: Claure replied directly to Legere on Twitter with the following series of Tweets (combined for purposes of formatting):

@JohnLegere I am so tired of your Uncarrier bullshit when you are worse than the other two carriers together. Your cheap misleading lease imitation is a joke.

You trick people to believe that they have a 15 dollar iphone lease payment when it’s not true. You tell them they can upgrade up to 3x but you don’t tell them the price goes up to 27 dollars when they do.

You say one thing but behave completely different. It’s all a fake show. So its really .

End potentially-childish spat. John Legere has yet to reply to Claure’s spirited rant, though we imagine a response isn’t far off, and we’re sure the CEO won’t hold back when he does.

Whether Claure’s words are true are up to your own view of things. We certainly won’t bash him for his thoughts considering he probably knows better than anyone.

But we do know that the state of the American wireless industry was painfully stale and anti-consumer until T-Mobile’s Un-Carrier moves started, and that’s worth a whole lot more than an 80 word rant on how big of a meanie T-Mobile is for doing it.

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  1. Sprint has terrible service. Glad I dropped them.

    1. T-Mobile has worse coverage. Glad I cancelled during my 15 day trial period. Coverage so bad it was disgusting.

      1. Sprint’s coverage isn’t the issue as much as the quality of the coverage. I can’t wait to jump ship. We don’t even have LTE where I live and I’m not in a super rural area. At least in the areas where TMobile has coverage it’s decent, albeit limited.

  2. and the war begins

  3. Things are heating up!

  4. Both scenarios are designed to make it look like your getting a phone at rock bottom prices but in actuality your still going to pay full price for the phone no matter how you slice it…

    1. That’s what the carriers prefer now. Wasn’t AT&T’s CEO quoted as stating the “two year contract” was soon to be extinct? They can get away with not calling the phone finance a contract despite the fact that you owe the balance if you choose to leave early in the same form, sometimes higher, as an ETF.

      1. Exactly! They just moved the “contract” off of the plan and onto the phone…

        1. There is a difference though. Now it is more like just buying a phone at the outright price, just you have a couple ways of doing so. What they offer is basically an interest free loan and as far as new in box at the store prices for phones their total price is competitive normally 50 dollars or so less than buying it outright. Would I rather get a free flagship every two years? Yeah for sure but I guess they’re expensive. The big thing now is that if I have to buy my phone, why wouldn’t I just go to a cheaper service?

          1. You can go to a cheaper service provider and still finance phones. You would also end up with a bill similar in size as one through a big carrier.

            Straight Talk, among a lot of prepaid carriers now, offers the ability to get a phone via “SmartPay” financing. As with the big carriers, if you have good credit, you can get the phone with 0 down.

            If you purchase a $600 phone with 0 down and finance for 24 months, you would pay $34/mo for 24 months for a total price of $816 for the phone + the cost of your plan each month, taxes not included.

            Your overall monthly cost for phone + Straight Talk service would amount to $79/mo.

          2. So at that point I am better off on At&t doing the same thing for the same amount of money but with better coverage… Or is the Straight Talk unlimited data?

          3. Straight Talk is 3GB of “high speed” data for $45/mo. if you buy a phone from them. If you do a BYOP, you can get 5GB for the same price.

          4. It us 3 gb of high speed throttled data. And also in fine prints it says if you are using music streaming services or videos streaming services they can shut there data off to your phone completely until the next billing cycle. I see it happen all the time

          5. Oh wow, so in other words AT&T is a better deal if you are going with a flagship phone, good to know.

  5. All those flavors and he chooses to be salty.

  6. One CEO whose company is gaining money – and Comcast wants to buy it as a result – versus another company who is bleeding money. Though my patriotism wants me to root for the American company in this dispute, looks like the Sprint CEO wishes he had Legere’s job …

    1. Technically, Sprint is a Japanese company now (though I understand what you mean).

  7. Dude, in my experience, Sprint is the worst carrier. Can’t even get freaking 3G in a densely populated metro area.

  8. Claure to world: I don’t get this whole “twitter” thing…

    140 characters? Nah. He’s gonna write a book.

    You can bet Legere’s response will not only burn him alive, but will also follow the most basic of twitter guidelines.

  9. I sense a serious butthurt CEO.

  10. I wish Sprint and T-Mobile would save their energy and mud slinging for ATT and Verizon, rather than blooding each other.

    1. Probably because att and verizon are out of there reach.

  11. Sadly I side with sprint only because the new jump! Program is smoke and mirrors.

  12. if Uncarrier is bullshit, what do we call Sprint’s network vision?

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