Huawei Honor Band Zero is a minimalistic circular smartwatch


huawei honor band zero

Huawei is teasing a new smart watch today. It’s being called the Huawei Honor Band Zero, with that name being chosen thanks to its minimalistic design. It’s a circular smart watch that seemingly doesn’t have any buttons, and appears to boast a steel chassis.

And that’s about all we know so far. Huawei hasn’t issued any press releases or dished out any additional info, so we’re only left to our guesses. Our first guess is that this could be a souped up fitness wearable, as the watch shares the same “Band” moniker used for the Huawei Talk Band B1 or B2. Whether it’ll use Android Wear for those fitness needs is up for date, as Huawei could just as easily use their own custom platform such as the one featured in the aforementioned TalkBand devices.

We also imagine it isn’t going to be some game changing smart watch, so we’ll expect industry-standard specs such as the Snapdragon 410 found inside the more classic design of the Huawei Watch.

It does look like a decent design for those who prefer this style, though, so if this is something more your taste then be sure to keep an eye out for more!

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