Deal: buy a Verizon HTC One M9 and get $100 in Google Play credit


HTC One M9 custom nav bar DSC08928

HTC is putting on a pretty awesome deal for those who decide to grab the HTC One M9 through Verizon. You can be hooked up with a $100 Google Play credit in order to take in all the best entertainment Google Play has to offer.

Google Play credit is good for any digital goods you can find in Google’s vast marketplace, including games, apps, movies, books, TV shows and music. You won’t be able to use the credit for buying devices such as the Nexus 6 or Nest Camera, though, so don’t get too excited if that was your first thought.

Now, about that fine print (don’t worry, it’s all reasonable):

  • The offer is good for devices purchased between July 1st, 2015 and August 31st, 2015, giving you a two-month window to buy one.
  • You have to submit proof of purchase information right here.
  • Once you get the code to add the credit to your Google Play account, the code must be redeemed by September 30th, 2015.
  • Once the credit has been added, you must use it before September 30th, 2016.

Oh, and don’t forget that all comes with the other benefits of buying an HTC One M9, including Uh-Oh one-time free phone replacement for accidental damage. You can head to Verizon and buy one right here once you’ve taken another look at our HTC One M9 review and decided you want one, or stop into your local store if you want your hands on it as soon as possible.

[via HTC]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Nobody wants the M8+

    1. I obviously did since I bought one (no pun intended) and don’t regret it. After a couple of weeks I started to wonder if I should have gotten the S6 but enough people around me with the phone assured me I wasn’t missing anything.

  2. No thanks

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