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How to listen to Apple Music’s Beats 1 radio station on Android


apple music beats 1

So, Apple Music is out as of yesterday. Whether it’s better than Google’s homegrown option Google Play Music All Access or fan favorites like Spotify is still to be determined. But it’s here, and if you’re curious about it you’ll soon be able to jump into it for yourself on Android.

Why not get an early taste today, though? It’s possible to experience at least one facet of Apple’s new service on Android, that being the Beats 1 radio station that features a never-ending broadcast of music — new and old — hosted by famous DJs such as Zane Lowe and even artists like Drake and Pharrell.

So how do you jump in? Simple: click this link, press play and enjoy. This was made possible thanks to Beats 1’s standard live stream URL being discovered by this crafty Twitter user. This certainly wasn’t Apple’s intended way of getting you to listen to their broadcasts, so don’t be surprised if this hole ever gets closed. In any case, we should have more official ways of gaining access to Apple’s music service as we inch closer to its Fall 2015 release.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Fall can’t get here quick enough!

  2. Cool, our firewall lists site as – The web site is categorised as providing Adult and Pornographic material.

    If you require access to this page for academic purposes click the Continue button below to proceed to this web site

    1. Yeah, the tracks the DJs play are uncensored, all the dirty words left in. They couldn’t do that on BBC 1. Freedom!!

  3. It played Bjork’s Human Behavior. I’m not sure what this means in the universe.

  4. as soon as I clicked the link, filthy hipster music flooded in my ears.

    Perhaps I’ll try again later..

    EDIT: eh it’s better now

  5. Meh. I’ll stick to my Pandora, Spotify, and occasional iHeartRadio.

  6. How to listen to Apple Music on Android.

    Step 1. Don’t, don’t listen to Apple Music.

    1. Why?

      1. Because he wanted a few upvotes from fellow outdated “fanboys”

  7. Heh. Didn’t play anything in Firefox. Loaded into Chrome, it played a minute twenty of the station, then locked up my OG Moto X. Twice. Didn’t try it a third time.

    I extracted the stream’s URL from the page source ( ) and threw it into VLC. There, it extracts into six sequential 20-second chunks of AAC. After playing the sixth chunk (with a slight gap between chunks), it stops.

    I’ll wait for the app.

    1. Heh. I just checked – the URL crashed the hell out of Xiia Live Pro, too.

    2. I know — I noticed this in VLC, too. Apparently some brilliant way to prevent music piracy. *rolleyes*

  8. I have an iPhone 6 and a Nexus 6, as well as Mac computers. I like Android and iOS. After a day with Apple music I can tell you it is really really good. Version 1.0 is better than Spotify is after 5 years.

    Invariably people here are going to bash it without trying it, because they’re jaded idiots. But speaking as someone who’s spent 24 hours with it, it’s amazing.

    1. yeah…cuz streaming music is so…..amazing…

      *rolls eyes*

  9. Never realized there was so many Apple fanboys in the comment area. Anyways, torrent, torrent, torrent for me.

  10. I’m still on my free all access Google play music key trial. What ever they call it now. Come September when its costing $8 I might be tempted….

  11. Am I the only one who just downloads music via Google search and completely ignore streaming audio.

    1. Believe it or not , there’s still people out there that like to pay for their stuff , instead of stealing. Weird concept…I know.

      1. They should try my method….it’ll save them lots of money.

    2. That makes two

    3. You could upload your downloaded music to your Google Play Music library and stream it from there. It’s what I do. :)

  12. Apple is the ENEMY of Android! Why would you want to support them?

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