Official: OnePlus 2 will come feature a fingerprint sensor that’s faster than Apple’s TouchID


OnePlus 2 fingerprint sensor scanner reveal 1

Okay, so this mornings OnePlus 2 leak was more than likely a fake, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t get one thing right: the phone’s upcoming fingerprint scanner. We’re sure it was just a lucky guess, what with all the OEMs finally jumping on the fingerprint bandwagon (and native support coming in Android M).

It’s not too surprising but confirmed today by OnePlus themselves, it seems the upcoming OnePlus 2 will, in fact, come equipped with some sort of fingerprint reader. Because there’s so many different types of fingerprint reading hardware out there (some that suck more than others), OnePlus assures us that theirs is one of the latest and most advanced fingerprint sensors around. According to them, it’s even faster at unlocking devices than Apple’s TouchID and can store up to 5 fingerprint profiles.

This latest OnePlus 2 announcement is just one of many more to come. The smartphone startup has a history of slowly revealing key aspects of their flagship’s hardware as they get closer to the full reveal at their press event on July 27th. The event will be one of the first ever to not only be streamed online, but offers a virtual reality experience for those of you lucky enough to have a VR headset at your disposal. If you don’t, don’t worry. OnePlus is supplying those too.


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  1. Hmmm, closer, but still no.

  2. faster usually goes hand in hand with a lack of accuracy.

    1. Probably. Apple’s touch ID is pretty snappy too. It doesn’t even take two seconds, I can’t even begin to think who doesn’t have less than two seconds to wait for their finger print to be read.

      1. completely agree. i’ll wait to see some reviews on this when it comes out but I cant imagine it being 100% accurate every single time. to me, it seems logical to assume they are not putting the best parts in a phone that is being made to cut corners so the price remains low. i’m sure 3/10 people would love to post why they disagree with this though.

        1. I’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt as far as parts since they’re raising the price this go round, but as you said reading a finger print in under 1.5 seconds is bound to be inaccurate at times.

          1. i will do the same on giving them the benefit of the doubt, I just know what happens when you go too fast at just about ANYTHING.

          2. It depends on the technology used. Apple uses capacitive touch 2D imaging but qualcomm is working on a 3D image which is faster and more accurate.

          3. then i’ll shut my mouth and wait to see some reviews in real world use =) thanks

      2. faster than a speeding bullet, it a bird, it a plane, it superman…Nooooooo… its 1+1 touch ID

  3. Good. Cause the Note 4’s sucks.

    1. Don’t worry, the Note 5’s will be MUCH better.

    2. Really? It’s not the best, in terms of design but it works quite well for myself and many I know who use it.. Yes, swipe sucks but from the S5 it blows it away. I have my thumb and forefinger both saved (30 images each – cuz you can have 3×20) and I use it to unlock phone and recently for some apps..dozens of times a day… It’s 95% accurate for me.. I very rarely have to redo a try… I don’t mind it at all and the accuracy is MORE then fine (for me) but I do wish it was just press on screen and not swipe

  4. This phone looking promising. We only need to wait for the reviews.

  5. Get rid of the sign up system and I may consider them

  6. OnePlus: over promise, under deliver

    Translation: yeah right

  7. I know one thing, OnePlus is really good at making hype. However, from the comments, a lot of people are scarred from their previous phone.

    I say give them another chance. They *may* wow us this time. But a fingerprint scanner, I can do without. Where my full Qwerty keyboard at? Where my trackpad, or trackball at? I really made use of those.

    *patiently waiting for an HTC G3*

    1. I for one, love my oneplus, I dont even know if I need the new version…

      1. I’m in the same boat with my M8.

        You know, most of the hate hasn’t been on the phone, but the company, or obtaining the phone.

  8. Will this fast fingerprint scanner also be as secure? It’s easy to make a super fast fingerprint scanner that isn’t secure.

  9. Faster but is it accurate or I have to keep scanning my finger until it reads correctly or I get frustrated and give up using finger print scanner. Samsung galaxy is one good example how difficult using it’s fingerprint which hardly works.

  10. Big talk no walk, we learned this from ‘never settle’.

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