Adult Swim is giving away free Google Cardboard VR headsets to try out their new game [UPDATE]


Adult Swim Games Virtual Brainlord

The folks at Adult Swim games want you to try their new VR app/game. They want you to try it so bad, they’re willing to give you a Google Cardboard VR headset for free. But there’s a catch: you gotta send them a fax first. Once you get past this relatively small hurdle (you can either dig one up from the basement or use one of the many applications that mimic this functionality in the Google Play Store), you’ll be on your way to enjoying their newest title in the Play Store, the aptly titled Adult Swim Virtual Brainload.

Less of a game and more of an “experience,” Virtual Brainlord takes you on a journey in some sort of trippy, virtual, alternate reality. We didn’t get to try it for ourselves, but the screenshots are enough to give us flashbacks of our college days. It even comes with a warning, it’s that intense. Whether you want to try the game or not (and you should), you can find their free Google Cardboard form down below. Just print, fax, and wait for your paper headsets to arrive in the mail. Oh and sorry to our friends overseas, this is US-only.

Adult Swim Google Cardboard VR_Form


UPDATE: Although we were able to confirm the promo by sending in our own fax (it worked fine for us), it appears the promo — which stated only available while supplies last — has ended. We only hope a few of our readers got theirs in on time.

[Adult Swim]

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  1. Is there a PDF for the form?

    1. The direct link from their site links to just the JPG (which we posted). Kinda weird, I know.

      1. How do I fill out a JPG form? Do I convert it? Is that even possible.

        1. You could, or do like I did: print it, fill it in, fax it.

          1. Duh! Haha. Thanks Chris.

          2. I’m assuming I could use an free online fax service?

          3. i used faxfile and faxed it from my phone no issue

      2. Why not cite their site?…you know for authenticity and reference.

  2. Fax it in, seriously? Was is this, 1992?

    1. You’d be surprised how many major companies are too cheap to give their employees specific e-mail addresses to use to help customers. I actually had to beg for access to it/look when someone typed in the password to an e-mail address I wasn’t given access to because.

    2. Its a joke. Not a real contest. It just flew over the heads of the phandroid team who thought it was real.

  3. Getting, “this number is not in use, good bye” when attempting to fax.

    1. I’m getting the same thing

  4. Are these the new cardboards?

  5. I tried this and my fax kept failing so I tried calling the number on the form 404.745.8222 and I got a voice prompt saying “This number is not in use”. FAIL!!!!

    1. not sure if trolling or idiot…

      1. Neither, I had the same issue.

      2. Before you accuse, try it yourself first so I can call you the idiot.

  6. I used CamScanner to covert the image to pdf, then ezPDF to fill in the pdf and to send it (I use them as my main fax service), still waiting for a confirmation though….

  7. Phone number doesn’t work anymore

  8. Scam? “this number is not in use, thanks for calling, goodbye”. Did anyone on Phandroid try this before posting?

    1. Checked. Got a fax. Submitted. Worked fine over here.

      1. ok. You are the only one then.

        1. worked for me too actually….

    2. worked for me too. able to fax it

  9. Guys this isn’t a real contest. Adult swim always does these weird stunts. Remember the whole submit a video of a banana in your pants for an Xbox? In the end they admitted it was a troll and only a joke. Countless other ones exist too. Surprised phandroid didn’t check before posting

  10. Can you take this post down, or update the title to say you were duped? This is not a real thing.

  11. NOT REAL.. NUMBER IS FAKE “This number is not in use, goodbye” Call it, it isn’t even a fax number.

    1. Worked when we sent it in (just before posting this).

    2. worked for me actually….

  12. Like they always say –

  13. I’m sad that faxing is still prominent in the 21st century.

    Ultimate troll.

  14. Since this is completely fake it seems to me that the ass hats at Adult Swim have earned a lot of 1 star reviews.

    1. A well-deserved 1-star rating.

      FAX belongs in a museum! FAX is not a joke! :)

  15. For those who are saying “Worked for me”…. Umm have you already received your Google Cardboard? No. Don’t count your eggs before they hatch..just saying.

  16. Oh bugger!

  17. Number not in use

  18. Attempted to fax twice and fax not available each time.

  19. I refuse to participate in such a technologically backwards promotion.

    1. You know if you just had to email or fill out a box they would get a rediculous amount of requests. Doing it this way means that you have to care enough to put some effort into it.

      1. Doing it this way means wasting trees and human resources from people having to manually read people’s poor handwriting and shipping packages to wrong names and addresses.

        1. Wasting trees to have Adult Swim mail us a piece of cardboard.

  20. people are real adamant that this is fake/trolling. has anyone considered that they went through them faster than anticipated and disabled the number to keep from getting thousands of faxes they couldn’t fulfill?

    1. Aren’t you curious why the web link is still up in that case? And is scheduled to remain through the 7th of this month?

      Or why the new promotion started 14 days after the game announcement?

  21. Didn’t work for me either.

  22. If you guys want a real VR headset check out the Powis ViewR

    We’re accepting pre-orders now and shipping in 2 weeks. I promise we won’t screw you over like Adult Swim.

    1. $14.00 basic shipping? yeah, Eat a fat one bud.

      1. Not hungry but thanks for your concern. We’re working on getting our shipping costs down to below $5. Stay tuned…

        1. i cant think of anything that costs 14$ to ship thats this size… where are they shipping from?! the moon?!

        2. US Post Office Flat Rate Shipping has been around for some time. Not sure who you are working with or shipping from but $14 is ridiculous. I ordered a Cardboard from Amazon for $14 with free shipping. I decided that I wanted something a bit more durable than cardboard and got a plastic headset with straps and it’s a much more enjoyable experience than just holding up the cardboard Cardboard. I like the foam and the better optics.

          1. Ask and you shall receive! We just integrated USPS shipping into our site bringing our shipping costs to sub $5 within the US. Check out our VR products here:

  23. Damn I wanted one

  24. Woot! Got my Cardboard already today! Its REEEEEAAL!!!

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