Jun 26th, 2015

conan360 vr viewer

Conan O’Brien’s going to Comic-Con July 10th, and this time he’ll be bringing all the fun to those who can’t make it in glorious virtual reality goodness. So what do you do if you want your Conan in VR but don’t have a headset? You take 2 minutes out of your fine Friday afternoon and request a free one, of course.

These VR headsets are made from the very same cardboard specification Google has published (which you can actually make yourself), only they have Conan’s freakishly orange hair plastered on the side (which makes it 10 times better).

With it, you’ll be able to drop your phone in and check out Conan360 videos throughout Comic-Con, as well as any 360-degree video content made for cardboard. Be sure to throw your name into the hat for one, even if only because you’re as obsessed with Team CoCo as everyone else seems to be.

[via AndroidForums]

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