Google is inviting you to test their new 16-camera virtual reality recording rig


google jump vr camera array

Google is creating an awesome camera array that features 16 GoPro shooters. Jump VR is what they call it, and as the name suggests it will allow film makers to capture their scenes in virtual reality goodness for use with VR headsets, YouTube’s 360-degree video feature and more.

And now they want people to help test it. If you’re a filmmaker of the serious (and creative) variety you can head right here to apply to test one of these bad boys. Google will ask for some basic information about where you live, who you are and what you intend to do with Jump VR.

If they like your proposal enough you may find yourself with an insane new camera rig to play with later this summer. If not? Well, Google will send you about updates about the progress of Jump VR, including (hopefully) eventual availability.

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. Can we all just nominate @devinsupertramp and @colin_furze for one of these ;)

  2. put my name in the hat! would be awesome to try this out and contribute

  3. Guess I can sign up. I mean, I am helping with a little film project my friends are doing. I mean, it’s just a small hobby and nothing professional, but we have to start off somewhere. =.3

    1. thats how i felt about it too

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