Leaked Moto G 3rd Gen reveals new backside and refreshed hardware [VIDEO]


Motorola Moto G 3rd Gen leak

The Motorola Moto G as long been one of the best deals in mobile (arguably the best until the OnePlus One recently dropped to $250). The phone has long offered a solid mix of middle range hardware at an honest price, tipping the scales at around $180 unlocked.

The move from the 1st Gen Moto G to the 2nd Gen was kind of a big one, with the phone receiving a bump in screen size and adding stereo front facing speakers. We know Motorola is planning to refresh their handset lineup for 2015, but when it comes to the Moto G — which we expect will continue targeting a sub $200 price point — we couldn’t help but wonder how they’d improve the device while still retaining that affordable pricing.

As we approach the phone line’s year anniversary, it shouldn’t surprise anyone to find leaks have already begun circulating around the net. Lucky for us, the leak shows off an alleged prototype Moto G which carries a design similar to that recently leaked Moto X 3rd Gen from a few weeks ago. If this is the direction Motorola is headed, the back of the phone features a camera housing looks like an LG devices (only minus rear buttons) or the ASUS ZenFone 2.

The leaker was also nice enough to list off a few of the device’s reported specs in a quick hands-on video, with the phone showing much of the same internals as the previous year’s model (5-inch 720p display, 1GB RAM, 8GB internal storage ), only with higher resolution cameras (13MP rear/5MP front facing), a Snapdragon 401 processor, and slightly larger 2,300mAh battery (last year’s only had a 2,070mAh). Shouldn’t be too much longer before Motorola makes this phone official and we find out exactly how far off this “prototype” is from the real thing.


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  1. There are other options at or slightly above this price range with the SD615 and 2gb of ram. What Motorola is doing with the ram and processor is inexcusable.

    1. Agree. Bang for the buck was awesome in 2013, and I still love my original G. The recent Lollipop upgrade really made it sing. But now in 2015 other players in roughly the same price range are embarrassing Moto with their specs. Meanwhile for the faithful owners of earlier G’s who might consider upgrading, these rumored specs don’t really make a compelling case for shelling out the money. Moto can either up their game or lose business.

      1. If the price isn’t lower than the competition i don’t see this flying off the shelves like the other G versions. It’s just not worth it. After tax and shipping, you are closer to the OPO range and that’s a way better deal. I don’t particularly like the company but its a good product at a good price.

        1. Until you add tax and shipping to the OPO, too. ;o

          1. When I bought it the first time round, it was free shipping and no tax.

          2. You take an L for that comment……SMH…that’s really the best thing you could come up with.

  2. Just as a reminder the current Moto G comes with: 1 Gig Ram, 8 Gig memory, and a 5 inch 720 Display. As others have pointed out the only changes are:

    Camera gets a bump to 13/5 MP from 8/2 MP
    Battery gets a 12% bump
    Processor goes from Snapdragon 400 to 401

    Overall some pretty weak sauce unless it also comes with all of the Moto apps that make the Moto X so magical.

    Then again, while the OPO 2 is going to start $100 more, its fair to say that the Moto G (Motorola’s best selling smartphone of all time) is a dominant player overseas, where people make a lot less money and $100 is a huge difference in price.

    However, I would say that based on how tech is coming down in price over time the same price for a 2015 Moto G should get:

    2 Gig Ram, 16 Gig memory, and 1 5.2” 1080 screen.

    Add those specs to the camera and battery bump (and upgrade the processor to a Snapdragon 600 series) and you’d have a continued powerhouse.

  3. For the love of God Motorola, please add LTE to the phone including band 12 this time around and make it standard not optional. The Moto E 2nd gen with LTE almost looks like a better deal then the 2nd gen Moto G at the moment.

  4. What the heck is a Snapdragon 401

    1. It´s a mistyped Snapdragon 410.

  5. Motorola Moto G is one of the best smartphone from the company and it is showing great features, specs and performance you are looking for an excellent phone. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.crittermap.watchface.digitalled

  6. Cue a bunch of people that don’t have anything nice to say

  7. This is coo ‘n all. I just want my Moto X (1st Gen) updated to Lollipop already, Motorola. That’s all. Bye bye.

  8. Moto G is still better comparing to the $250 OPO.. because that OPO is always sold out for the 16GB version lol. It just doesn’t exist.

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