Where to pre-order Sony’s razor-thin 4KHD Android TV sets ahead of July launch


Sony Bravia Android TV DSC07656

Sony has confirmed that their Android TV units are going on sale starting next month. If you don’t remember, these bad boys were at CES, and the main reason they got so much attention was due to their razor-thin profile. They’re probably more slim than your wallet. Here’s a shot of its side profile up against a typical smartphone.

Sony Bravia Android TV DSC07651

Yep, it’s sexy. We’ve also gotten confirmed pricing for the units, and you’ll want to take a seat before taking it in:

  • 55-inch Ultra HD X900C 4K for $2,499
  • 65-inch Ultra HD X900C 4K for $3,999
  • 75-inch Ultra HD X910C 4K for $5,499

My bank account weeps. If you’re in need of a 4K Smart TV and have the funds you can actually pre-order starting today in-store at Sony and Best Buy. The units already have listings on Best Buy’s site, but their pre-sale function is not yet live. Amazon also has pre-sales available right here, ifyou prefer that route. Will you splurge on one of these or pass for something more affordable? Be sure to let us know with a comment below!

[via Sony]

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  1. I don’t see the need for thinner and thinner TVs at the expense of image quality. I would prefer a set with full array local dimming than one that is a few millimeters thinner.

    Once you can hang it on the wall, I don’t really care whether it is 5″ thick or 0.5″ thick, but I do care about picture quality.

    I haven’t read the specifications that say it doesn’t have full-array local dimming, but I can’t imagine it does at this thickness.

    Sony (and other manufacturers): Please offer sets that are optimized for best picture quality and not crippled due to thinness.

  2. Actually the prices don’t seem too bad. I remember buying my 70” Vizio for $1600(on sale from $2k).. While it did have a great picture quality, it did not compare to LG or Samsung TVs..so i would not mind the extra 1.5k on a superior Bravia Engine.

  3. I bought one of the original Sony Google TV units. I love it. I’d try to upgrade it to Android TV but honestly, I still think Google TV > Android TV due to the passthrough and being able to search your TV with the omnibox.

  4. Don’t these have a big bump at the base (for all the electronics) — if I recall correctly?

    Which would make the thinness just a marketing number, because when hanging it on your wall it’s going to stick out by base width…

  5. Sinfully thin. I want one. 55-inch for sure.

  6. I will be looking for a 40″-50″ television once we move out of this rental and into our modular home. So yeah these are to big for the bedroom. TV also needs to output 5.1 via optical or ARC to a Vizio 5.1 soundbar as well so thats really going to limit my options.

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