Eyes-on with Sony’s Bravia 900 with Android TV [VIDEO]


Sony Bravia Android TV DSC07656

While Samsung and LG were adamant on skipping Android TV, Sony proudly exclaimed they’d be cuddling up with Google and Android to bring Android TV to their Bravia lineup. We got a look at those sweet TVs and boy, are they something special.

That they’re running Android TV isn’t even the most exciting part of this release: look how thin these things are! Sony said the televisions are thinner than any of the smartphones they’ve made to date. Couple that with a near-zero bezel and you might think this thing were built into a wall should you decide to mount it.

Speaking of mounting, Sony also developed a new mounting system that allows a TV to more closely hug the wall instead of today’s system that typically requires a lot of room between the TV and wall. It’d be almost as if you were hanging a portrait up, which is the look and feel many of us hope for when setting up our home theater systems.

Sony didn’t get into grave detail about their Android TV installation, but everything seems pretty standard. We’d be surprised if it’s any different than buying a Nexus Player and hooking it up to your TV via HDMI (not counting Sony’s custom crop of apps, of course). It’ll have full support for Google Play, and its games will be compatible with the Sony DualShock 4 controller that can be used to stream console-quality games over PlayStation Now, Sony’s digital game service not unlike OnLive or NVIDIA’s Grid.

The TVs are 4K resolution, and while the price tag for something of that nature is still quite expensive right now, Sony confirmed that their 4K lineup will be around the same price range as last year’s flagship Bravia releases. The head of Sony’s home theater department touched on that fact in a post-show interview, and he noted folks with moderate budgets absolutely won’t be priced out of buying one of these. So yea, get excited. The video’s up above.

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  1. I wonder if we will every get to a point that the whole tv can be that thin and have all of the “guts” in a separate box that can be stored out of sight? I single, high bandwidth cable could come off of it and plug into the back through the wall.

    1. Component television – was the in thing in the 80s. Google for Sony Profeel. Today you’d have to deal with HDCP but otherwise, yeah.

      For the ultimate in thin with a component form factor, there’s always projection TV lol.

      1. I couldn’t justify the bulb expense to watch everything on projection though. “Kids…..why are you watching Sponge-bob!!!?? That’s an hour of life!!!!”

        1. And that’s why they have LED projectors now. ;-)

          1. Thanks a lot….now you’ve got me wanting a projector after looking at bulb prices. lol and another $800 bites the dust.

    2. Doesn’t Samsung have that type of TV already? AKA where you just replace the component box to integrate newer features.

      1. No, thats an upgrade kit, its just something that can attach to the rear of the TV and upgrade it. Logan means hes wondering if we will ever get to a point where the TV is just a monitor, a really thin monitor and the actual wires and processors and such are hidden behind a wall, or somewhere else entirely.

        1. Nothing is really preventing Samsung from going that route and as I said they are half way there already.

  2. I still love my sony xbr4

  3. Android TV is looking pretty sweet. Especially on a 4k beauty :D

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