Verizon’s Sony Xperia Z4v comes with Snapdragon 810 later this summer


sony xperia z4v

Verizon has announced that they’ll be carrying the Sony Xperia Z4v later this summer. Their variant is a bit more beefy internally than the regular Xperia Z4, although it still uses the same Snapdragon 810 chipset. It’s a 64-bit piece of silicon that has gotten flak for apparent overheating issues, but it’s still a pretty powerful beast.

Their device also sports 2560 x 1440 resolution for its 5.2-inch display, as well as a roomy 32GB of internal storage (with microSD for expansion, if you need). You can also expect a 3,000mAh battery with built-in wireless charging (both Qi and PMA standards) and Quick Charge 2.0. Finally, you’ll get a 20.7 megapixel Sony sensor on the rear and a 5 megapixel camera on the front for your photo and video taking needs.

Verizon only had a “this summer” date to give us, though that’s not too long of a wait considering we’re already deep into the warm months. It’ll be available in Black or White. Be sure to sign up to be notified for more information once its launch nears right here.

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  1. Why can’t Sony wait until the next year so they can release the Z4 with better Snapdragon 820 chip.

    “It’s a 64-bit piece of silicon that has gotten flak for apparent overheating issues, but it’s still a pretty powerful beast.”

    You know this phone will be water resistant. Therefore, you can put it into the water when it gets heated.

    1. “you can put it into the water when it gets heated.”. IKR?!?! Easy fix..lol

    2. That’ll probably be the Z5 or Z6.

  2. Overheating is still prevalent on the new Z phone according to XperiaBlog…they will issue an update which will throttle the processor..ill pass this up..#ThankYouButNoThankYou

    1. %hashtags %Twitter

  3. Why would they start selling a phone with such major issue!? Non sense…

    1. Perhaps the issue isnt all that major? Maybe its a minor issues that is being overblown?

      1. It’s no Minor Issue dude. If you can’t play a game without FC on you. Or shoot 4K video without shutting down (and not saving the video) its no Minor issue

        1. ah i didnt know people actually shot 4k videos

          1. Oh. But they do.

          2. interesting, i figured storage space and battery would be a huge liability in that department

          3. And yet it is the processor. I once used the Artificial Reality Mode on my Xperia Z3 for a 15-20 minute video at 1080p…and it forced closed on me..without saving the video…

  4. Good thing you can throw it in some ice water for a minute to cool it once it glows red hot after 10 minutes of gaming

    1. Didn’t realize the chip could get that joy, thought they solved it with the m9? Good to know regardless :)

      1. My M9 has never gotten more than slightly warm. Ignore the trolls still claiming the 810 overheats… they fixed it before any phones were even released with it.

        1. Cough g flex 2 cough

          1. I haven’t seen any actual owners of the G Flex 2 report overheating. And I just Google’d some reviews, they all say it runs warm, but not hot.

        2. By throttling it. The 810 is a dud.

          1. The M9 doesn’t throttle at all and is a close second to GS6 in performance. Check the benchmarks, the 810 is no “dud”.

          2. LOL the S6 will dust the M9. GPU is the only spot they’re close at.

        3. That’s why NTT DoCoMo literally has warning signs on Snapdragon 810 equipped display models. Because they’re a corporation of trolls.

          1. I can’t read Japanese, so I don’t know what that says. I can’t imagine what they would be warning about.

          2. Go’Zilla!

  5. Wish it had optical image stabilization.. And is that the same sensor they’ve been using on previous Z models??

    1. Yeah baby!

  6. might as well call it the droid Fuego

  7. Call me when Sony release the z4 ultra.

  8. does this mean it t-mobile never going to get this phone? Or are they getting a variant of it?

    1. They probably will as always.

  9. Cue the 810 overheats trolls…

    1. Your late. 9 hours late.

  10. Even the 805 gets pretty warm on my droid turbo when charging on the quick charger.

  11. I hate Verizon with all my heart.

  12. The 820 is going to be a game changer thanks to project zeroeth. As for this phone? A decent phone with front facing speakers and water proof, BUT screen way to small. If only they made another phablet I would be in heaven.

  13. Surprised Qualcomm hasn’t switched manufacturing to Samsung 14nm FinFET and make this issue a thing of the past. If Qualcomm allows this go to on for too long it could irreversibly damage their reputation.

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