Jun 16th, 2015

portal pushbullet

The developers behind Pushbullet are gearing up to bring a big update to the push notification app soon, but first they dropped a brand new app on us. It’s called Portal, and it enables you to transfer files from your computer to your Android phone.

It’s not super exciting or some new concept, but it is simple, and it is fast. It works by transferring files over your local WiFi network, so you don’t have to deal with shoddy connection and server speeds. Files transferred to your phone are easily accessed either within the app or Android’s standard file browser.

It’s different from Pushbullet’s file transfer feature which can work even if your two devices aren’t on the same network. We’re not sure why it couldn’t simply be brought to Pushbullet as a new feature, but we won’t complain — it’s free and it’s awesome.

The developers have plans for big updates soon, including the ability to transfer files from your phone to PC.

And that’s about it. Like we said: simple, but sweet. Give it a go over at Google Play.

[via Pushbullet]