Hands-on with the Saygus V2, a super-phone like no other [VIDEO]


If you love a good spec sheet we’ve got a phone for you. The Saygus V2 is the super-phone to rule all super-phones. On paper it’s the perfect phone. Just take a look at this spec sheet, because that’s what the Saygus V2 is all about.

Screen 5” 1920 x 1080 display (445 ppi)
Sunlight Viewable Screen “Edge-to-edge Borderless Screen”
Front and Back Light Sensors – for enhanced screen lighting control
Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4
Cameras 21 MP Rear Facing with Optical Image Stabilization, Auto Focus, and Dual LED Flash
13 MP Front Facing with Optical Image Stabilization and Auto Focus
Hardware Camera Shutter Button
Memory 3GB RAM
64GB Onboard Flash Storage
Dual MicroSDXC Slots (256GB expandable storage)
Processor 2.5Ghz Quad Core Qualcomm Snapdragon
OS Android 4.4.4 (KitKat)
Wireless NFC (Android Beam)
Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy
IR Transmitter (TV/Stereo Remote Control)
Ports 3.5mm Stereo Audio and Microphone Jack
Biometric Fingerprint Side Scanner
Audio Built-in Stereo Speakers
Harman Kardon Sound Technology w/ 3D Audio for videoHarman Kardon Speakers and Mics
3 Microphones
Noise Cancelling Cypher Sound Technology
Power 3100 mAh Removable Battery
Wireless Qi Charging
Other New-to-market Waterproofing Technology – IPX7 Rating
Root Access Available (“developer phone”)
Multi-Boot (supports booting from MicroSD card) Exclusive V² Feature

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? The good news is they really did manage to fit all of that into a phone. The bad news it’s more of a proof-of-concept right now. The device we used in the video was literally glued together (we could see the dry glue). It’s hard to tell if this device will ever be available.

Saygus V2 DSC08018

Unfortunately, we see devices like this a lot at CES. Tons of promise and potential, but we rarely ever hear from them again. What do you think of the Saygus V2? Would you be interested in these incredible specs at the expense of the support and credibility of a small manufacturer?

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. Cue all of the guys who say, “oh man, what do we need this for, what I have now, it is just fine I don’t need 3gb RAM or 64gb on board memory or expandable storage or a quad core processor of 3100mhz of battery”… please. Yeah, you do, and if you didn’t you would still be using the OG Droid – which you are not which just demonstrates we all want better specs. Is there a ceiling effect as to benefits you will get? Sure. But if makers don’t keep pushing it, we would still be using phones with 512 memory or 1500mhz batteries. But we don’t. So keep thinking the specs you have are good enough… you will soon find out, they are not and that you want more – and that is not bad.

    I love a good spec sheet, I want to see tech progress so to me this is how you get there. Much like Asus with 4gb RAM – what, 4gb OMG such overkill right??? Nope. Keep pushing forward, keep up specing, keep evolving. This forces everyone else to up their game and the next thing you know, your BT earbud is hidden in your ear and not this massive bulky object hanging down to your chin that you use to say was “good enough”.

    1. I don’t think anyone that says “what I have now is fine” wants technology to just stop progressing right now. People with the OG Droid were happy with it. People with the HTC EVO were happy with it. So on and so on.

      We need tech to progress, but that doesn’t mean I have to ditch my current device every time it does. I’m not ready to get a 4K TV, but I’m happy they are starting to become more available.

      1. I 100% agree that with new specs it does not mean “I have to ditch my current device every time it does”. We agree for sure on this and I am proof of that in my buying habits. BUT, I am seeing more and more people poo poo any advancing and trying to justify what they have as “good enough” and though that is fine at the moment, it is never really good enough and come upgrade day you will never get a newer model of the phone you have now you WILL go for better specs.

        I am in the market right now and I will not buy anything that is not 100% on the current edge for specs. I am not going back to 1-2gb RAM phones. I am not going back to anything 2ghz and below. I am not getting a phone without MicroSD. Etc. I want the best of what is coming and that means, the best possible specs.

        So I think what I am trying to say is… it is totally ok to be a spec hoe and not be hated on for it and it is ok to say that what we have now, it is not good enough and I want better.

    2. Just for clarity. Batteries store charge. Charge is measured in mAh (=Coulombs). : )

  2. Who wouldn’t be interested in such a beast if they afford it.

    1. Everyone would.. but if you cannot afford it, or just upgraded so cannot justify it people are now habitually saying, “oh, what I have is good enough who needs that”.

      (Until ugrade time or the money comes in and they get it and then are like, “OMG this is magic”)

      1. I think people often forget technology is all about advancing. If this idea doesn’t make you excited for the future of mobile technologies I don’t know what will.

        1. Agreed. If you do not value advancing specs, you are full of shizz and that can be proven by looking at what you have now because if you are not still using the 3.5″, 512mb ROM Moto OG Droid with 1400 mAh battery and 600 MHz on 256 RAM.. then you value specs as well.

          1. I will say though it would be nice for manufacturers to make phones that were easier for people to hold with one hand and are still operable. Instead of sacrificing internals for thin profiles, they should make some smaller options with thicker profiles.

          2. Understood… but even your comment shows the value of advancing specs. We now actually have choices in small and big phones. Thin and thick phones. Light and heavy phones. Phones we can swim with and ones we cannot. Some are curved and some flat. It is awesome to even have said choices.

  3. That depends on the actual “expense”.

  4. Bah Screen is way too small.

    1. bump the screen to 5.5″ and it would be the perfect phone. Sounds way too good to be true.

      1. 6″

        1. 6? No, 5.5 is ideal. 5.7 if they retain the minimal bezel. 6 is too much

          1. that’s what she said?

    2. you kidding right. Nexus 5 screen size is perfect. And with the battery size it will last ages…

    3. My thought as well. I had a 4.2″, then a 5″, then a 5.5″, and now a Nexus 6. I’ve never once wished I had a smaller phone or smaller screen. Now that I’ve had the Nexus 6 and love it, I can’t imagine going to something smaller, certainly not 5″.

  5. Just missing Android L.

  6. As for myself, I’m more excited about the Google project ARA that let’s dictate the hardware required. I hope that the project includes the type of screen, speakers, and hopefully a separate radio tuner to pick up AM/FM bands. I know, I know, streaming is my friend, but l like my old school radio.

  7. The storage space is 100% ideal and what I’d been clamoring for (including the 64gb internal)!…That said, I’m not sure I’d make the jump down to a 5 inch, after having 5.5-5.7 for so long. I like all the specs for sure, aside from the screen, but it will all depend on which carriers will decide to carry it.

    1. Sounds like you need a OnePlus One.

      1. lol… and settle? I will pass

  8. Remove fingerprint scanner, add HDMI then send me one. I wouldn’t even mind the glue drips.

    1. Actually, the very top port on the right side is a wireless HDMI blaster. It connects to a HDMI dongle connected to your TV. It mirrors what’s on your phone.

  9. Really doesn’t sound impressive to me. 1080p resolution and outdated Android version kill it for me but I also don’t see any spec that jumps out. Even 3GB of RAM has been superseded by Samsung with 4GB of RAM. Nothing is spec crazy about this phone.

    1. resolution is fine. RAM is based on demand of the hardware, and especially the resolution (the higher the resolution, the more RAM apps might need to show images in high quality).
      About Android version, Lollipop is still at its beginning, and seeing that a memory leak fix wasn’t officially published, maybe it’s better to wait for a more stable version of Lollipop.
      The problem with this device is that they don’t say anything about how long they will support it (updates). If they would have used CM, for example, this could give some clue about how long it would be supported.
      This is important since it’s not such a known company.

      1. They said, that they will have CM support. And, it will have “root” access out of the box. Plus, you will be able to boot from the SD cards. This is, as much as a developer phone, as it is a consumer phone. They also mentioned, that they are working on Lollipop for this device.

        1. Really ? Nice !
          Wait, So you mean that enabling root will be possible via the UI of the device?
          Can you please post a link to what you’ve written about (CM etc…) ?
          The only disadvantages that I can think about this device are:
          1. Fingerprint is a bit too low. I think it could be better to put it between the volume and power buttons. Maybe even put the volume buttons on the other side.
          2. the CPU is a bit old, now that there are newer.
          3. Price is unknown, but I’ve read it’s supposed to compete with other 5-inch devices, so that would be interesting to see.
          4. bezels at the bottom and on the top, but at least it has front speakers.

          1. I’ve actually held this phone. It feels really nice in the hand. If you hold the phone with your right hand, the fingerprint sensor is at the right spot for your thumb. If you hold it with your left hand, the sensor is at the right spot for you to use your index or middle finger. Also something else that hasn’t been mentioned, is the thing on the bottom of the back plate, is a “fractal antenna” it is said to give you another bar or two of signal.

          2. Well that’s cool too.
            I know it’s a fractal, just didn’t think it means anything special. The bottom is probably not the antenna, right?
            I wonder if having such an antenna also reduces the radiation.

  10. I think the fingerprint sensor is on a bad location. I think it would be best to be more around the power button.
    Also, where exactly are the speakers? I’m not sure where they are positioned. I think they are front speakers, right?

    1. Yes, that would be correct. They are Harmon and kardon speakers. Two front facing speakers.

  11. 3 mircophones… um ok. is that overkill?

    1. As far as i know, 3 mic, that is for noise cancelling…

  12. Two more things on the bucket list for me….. other than lollipop which it is probably upgradeable to.

    1) Dual Sim
    2) FM tuner.

  13. This phone looks amazing! It also looks like it’s relatively small for a 5 inch screen device, which makes it even more appealing to me!

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