Jun 16th, 2015

nikola energy case

Battery-packed cases are nothing new, but one firm is looking to create a power case that draws its energy from elsewhere: your phone. This is the Nikola Phone Case, and its creators — Nikola Labs — invented a way for the case to capture the energy your phone emits when it’s searching for a cellular signal.

Their original theory was that phones emit way more energy looking for a signal than is actually needed. Instead of that energy just evaporating into nothingness, the case captures it and transforms it into usable DC energy that can power your smartphone.

The result is a phone that lasts a bit longer than it would otherwise. The downside is that it probably won’t add more energy than a battery case could, but the upside is that the lack of a battery means you won’t need to charge the case, and it doesn’t add nearly as much girth. And if Nikola Labs’ claims are anything to go by, it does add a substantial bit of juice:

nikola case gif

So how much, and when? You can get the case at its standard price of $99 through a Kickstarter pledge, with shipment slated to be fulfilled as soon as January 2016. It’ll be available in four different color combinations — Black / Gold, White / Grey, White / Gold, Black / Grey or Red / Grey — as well as a neat t-shirt to profess your love for Nikola Labs.

The project is sitting at $53,000 of its doable $135,000 goal with a full 36 days to go, so there’s a really good chance this thing is getting funded. Be sure to throw your dollars into the hat if you want one.

[via Kickstarter]

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