Jun 16th, 2015

cortana android

Microsoft has announced that Cortana for Android will be here in July just in time for Windows 10’s launch. To be clear, it’ll be unleashed as a beta, and as such you should expect that things aren’t fully functional from the start. We won’t get full Cortana love until later in the year.

Cortana, if you don’t know, is Microsoft’s digital assistant. It got its start on Windows Phone, but the company is looking to make it your go-to service no matter which device you’re on. Cortana will integrate with Microsoft’s suite of apps, with a Notebook feature allowing you to have her jot down notes and details important to you.

You can also use it to do things like set reminders, and once that reminder arrives it will alert you on any device where you have Cortana enabled (including other Android phones or tablets, Xbox One, or your Windows 10 PC). You can ask it things about sports, weather, movies, music and more.

Google Now is awesome and it always will be, but Cortana has enough going for it that it’ll at least be worth a try once it makes its way to more devices later this year. We’ll surely be on the lookout for the app’s release date as we inch closer to Windows 10.

[via Microsoft]