Bethesda announces new Fallout Shelter game for Android [VIDEO]


fallout shelter

Bethesda yesterday announced a new game headed for mobile. It’s called Fallout Shelter, and it obviously takes after the popular post-apocalyptic RPG games the name is attached to.

The game won’t set you off on an epic quest of ultimate survival in the wastelands like Fallout 4 will later this year, but you do get to manage a covenant of folks holed up inside the vault. The vault, if you don’t know, is a wartime bunker that houses survivors of nuclear fallout. Residents of the vault are mostly forbidden to leave, and as such a vast majority will die there.

fallout shelter 2

The inhabitants all tend to the vault in various jobs, and it’s your job to manage them and keep them happy. Residents can die, and they can also reproduce, so you’ll have an ever-changing scene of folks to take care of.

Unfortunately the game gets a timed exclusive on iOS so you won’t get to play it right away. That said, we’re assured it’ll be on its way to Android shortly so get excited! In the meantime be sure to check out a quick gameplay trailer up above.

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  1. It is not a timed exclusive. It’s just not ready for Android yet.

    1. Bull crap. They decided to give Apple a timed exclusive because money talks, that’s why they just kept talking about the Iphone and Ipad and working with apple when they talked about this app, they only mentioned Android when talking about the Pip Boy app

      1. Yeah, seem clear that they had a cross promotional deal where Bethesda mentions Apple and the App Store a few times and Apple promotes Fallout Shelter and releases immediately.

        1. It’s still not inaccurate to call it a timed exclusive if it’s only available on iOS. Whether a deal was made for it to be a timed exclusive is irrelevant.

          1. Is it Phandroid’s stance that they can use words to describe things that are near opposite of what they actually are? We both know what “timed exclusive” means. As does Pete.

            If you’re going to try and justify using them because “technically it’s exclusive because it’s only out on one platform right now despite being announced as multi-platform, and technically it’s timing because, you know, there’s time and stuff between releases” then I would prefer to just remove Phandroid from my feed. I know you don’t care, but I don’t want to read bunk from an author who isn’t willing to correct a stupid silly mistake and would rather try and justify it with ridiculous semantics.

          2. Why is something this innocuous bothering you so much? How are you this invested?

          3. Maybe you’re confused, but words actually have definitions. Perhaps you think I’m more “invested” than I actually am. Maybe, even, that’s your strange way of saying “umadbro”?

            Might I suggest your threshold for considering people heavily invested in something is embarrassingly low?

          4. Now you’re being condescending to a stranger because I questioned your reasoning? It was a genuine question but take care anyway.

          5. I’m fine with pretending your initial comment wasn’t passive-aggressive and sarcastic. I honestly have no interest in arguing with you either, man.

            Some people might care to know whether Bethesda has neglected to release with Android because it’s still baking or if there’s a deal keeping it out. Some people don’t care. I get that.

            I simply made a correction. When some people said “bull,” then I kindly provided evidence of Bethesda themselves saying “this is not a timed exclusive.” Then the author came and tried to justify it with weird semantics and technicalities. I did not expect that from the author.

            If you read my comment, I was never rude or offensive. I was not insulting. It’s a simple matter that I am guilty of caring a little bit about. This is a small example, no doubt. I am not interested in arguing with anyone. That’s never my intent.

            I hope you take care as well mate.

          6. yeah I took it as rude at first, but read it again and realize my comment was uncalled for and deleted it. So i apologize.

          7. All good mate. I could probably work on my phrasing as well. I had no intention of being rude.

          8. I understand, took me twice to get your point. I took it the wrong way. Obviously, I was not the only one =) I do that a lot myself so I am officially a hypocrite haha

          9. The definition of exclusive: restricted or limited to the person, group, or area concerned. Whether that restriction was imposed artificially (through a deal) or technically (due to it not being ready yet), it’s still exclusive.

            And it’s “timed” exclusive because we know that an Android version will be on the way shortly. By definition, Fallout Shelter is a timed exclusive.

          10. Alright man. I have no intention of continuing this with you. Everyone else has a different meaning for “timed exclusive” (including Bethesda themselves from the tweet I just showed you). It’s your article, you can obviously write it how you please and use whatever words you like. I won’t bother you any more.

          11. I’m not trying to be confrontational about it at all, I was just trying to point out that it’s not incorrect to say it’s a timed exclusive. We, of course, know that “timed exclusive” in the world of gaming typically refers to a game that is held from another platform just because money exchanged hands, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use the term to describe this particular situation.

            Thanks for understanding.

          12. There’s no reason to use the phrase when it’s so commonly associated with another meaning that its use just breeds confusion. That’s bad communication on your part.

          13. That is what the term “timed exclusive” entails. If something is simply delayed for software or other reasons on one platform, that doesn’t make it a timed exclusive, it’s only exclusive by default.

      2. Do you not understand the difficulty it is to make an multi android compatible product compared to a apple product? There are many different android products all with different resolutions! Meanwhile apple products with each upgrade have a fixed and easier to work with resolution. Its common sense that if there working with android and ios that ios will be done sooner and out before android! Try making a game then porting it over to another mobile system with different resolution yourself then complain to us!

        1. I for one have made an android game. As long as you code all the user interface and graphics to scale by screen size, there’s no problems. How about you go make a game, before you go talking about what you have no experience with, and act like you know everything.

          1. What game did you make?

          2. Lol it’s so true… making games for iOS is a nightmare compared to android.

          3. What’s your game?

        2. If you use Unity for example it’s essentially the exact same code and just compiled in a different way. Here is a link to a little game I made in about 15 minutes using some free assets So as much as you’d like to think it’s such a difficult process, it’s really not. Don’t defend corporate bullshit from Apple who are masters of lawsuits, lies, and greed.

          1. If it’s coded in JavaScript, you’re right.
            If it’s coded in C+, you’re not.

          2. Unity also uses c#, point is all the languages boil down to assembly, and it is not difficult no matter how you do it

          3. Not difficult? C# is fine, and so is UnityScript (Which is essentially JavaScript). C+ isn’t as easy as that though (C# is closer to JAVA than it is to C+ because it utilized .NET Framework), which is why even with AAA titles you’ll notice differences between devices, crashing on some but not others, graphical issues, and bugs only specific to certain devices. This happens very often with C+ and for the most part it’s trial and error.

            That being said, I will say that coding isn’t hard by any means once you get the hang of it. C+ is arguably the most powerful coding language for gaming (in my opinion) but it can also be the biggest pain in the ass of the lot of them.

          4. Any program that can do porting between different languages isn’t perfect. It can do decent enough job but it won’t be perfect and still need a final touch anyway. Most Languages doesn’t have same functions and those functions have different parameters. So thing can still be screwed up pretty easy.

            This is their first mobile game and I guess they were making it for iOS first then will port it to Android. And you should know that they have different APIs and different functions. Which you should know it’s not that easy as just changing function’s names.

          5. from video game design and development course in college i simply went with what i was taught by teachers who were currently developing games like assassins Unity, DIvinity, COD Advanced Warfare, Destiny etc as well as a handful of mobile games (which i was taught and acquired my knowledge from). I am not a programmer, i’m an artist 100%, But I still stand behind the words that were taught by experienced developers that were still developing games when not reaching us! That is all :)

          6. Large companies are very prone to following “not invented here” ( ) principle – you may have noticed from practically each of large studios maintaining it’s own engine even if existing solutions might have been sufficient.

            Even if a third-party solution could be utilized, that doesn’t mean that it will be, even if just because it’s a third-party solution.

            Additionally, the requirements for a 15-minute game and a 1+ year game can be… let’s say, a little different. This is why you can see even some larger indie game’ (Minecraft, Terraria, …) ports being more or less rewritten for each mobile/console platform.

        3. To those that wish to say nothing but “what games have you made” and argue against me…..I have a question for you! What games have you guys made to argue with me??? And what did you make it for…..what type of game was it?

      3. Pete Hanes already confirmed it’s not a timed exclusive.

        1. But then a few hours later the official company twitter. said it’ll be months…..that sounds like timed exclusivity unless during that whole time of development they completely ignored working on the android version (which they’ve already confirmed development of the Pipboy app should be ready for launch on BOTH iOS and Android so that should be an alarm bell to anyone that if it’s not a timed exclusive that maybe we shouldn’t be so happy about the pipboy.)

          1. It’s still pretty buggy even for iOS. So I totally can understand if it’s not really ready for Android.

          2. I can understand a few weeks maybe a month, but i’m okay with a buggy release especially since then you can then get money for fixing from those who would buy lunchboxes.

  2. cant wait for it to hit Android!

  3. All apple phone are the same size varying very little…. Android phones all have different resolutions and hardware. To make sure they work on all phones before release is essential.

    1. The whole entire is that there’s benchmarks to firmware, only certain phones over a certain hardware threshold can go on certain devices. If you just program it in mind for (say as an example) 4.4.1’s minimum requirments then you won’t run into the problems many people think all you then have to do is optimize things like screen resolution.

  4. Something everyone is forgetting. This is a Bethesda project. They are meticulous about their game development. We’ve been waiting years for the release of Fallout 4. It doesn’t make sense that they would create the Shelter app and “not be ready for Android release”. I’ll wait for it to drop, as I am waiting for Fallout 4 to drop. Would have been nice to have some methadone in the form of Fallout Shelter to tide me through ’til the real game hits!

    1. The funny part is they deny that it’s been purposefully held back due to time exclusvelity but there’s almost no other reason why I can see why they claim it’s MONTHS away.

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