HTC denies ever speaking with ASUS about a buyout, and they don’t think they ever will


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HTC decided to go on the defensive side in relations to talk about ASUS buying them out. The company released an official statement saying they strongly deny any rumors about ASUS buying them out.

To be clear, the initial report was never that a buyout was attempted, but rather ASUS has at least talked or thought about it internally. For HTC’s part, they maintain that they’ve never spoken with ASUS in regards to any of that.

They also looked to reassure folks that they weren’t willing to sell, though that’s not an unexpected feeling for a proud Taiwanese company. The company isn’t currently in dire straits or in jeopardy of tanking, and while there have been better times we imagine things aren’t bad enough that they’re scrambling for a knight to whisk them off their feet.

HTC still has a lot riding on their future, including the HTC Re Vive VR headset, a new line of consumer electronics, as well as their long-standing smartphone business (though the latter arm has seen better days). There’s still time to turn the boat around, so unless HTC suddenly starts bleeding money in a profuse manner we ought to do away with fears that they’re going anywhere.

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  1. The original article never said ASUS talked to HTC about a buyout, only that ASUS talked about it internally.

    1. Which is what I said in this article.

      1. Right, I’m just surprised, which I guess I shouldn’t be, that HTC needed to clarify that. I’m not dissing you nor your article.

        1. Haha no worries, some people tend to comment without reading the article so I thought you might have been one of them.

          1. I’ve definitely reacted similarly. There are too many trolls who comment before reading.

          2. I’m sorry. Sometimes the comments are just fun to read. ._.
            But at least I’ll admit I didn’t read the article first if asked. =.3

          3. I lol’d at your comment.

      2. T-Dizzle never said you didn’t say it in the article.

        1. Quentyn never said T-Dizzle said that Quentyn didn’t say it.

          This game is fun. =.D

          1. I never said that T-Dizzle ever said that I said that ASUS said that I’m hungry.

          2. Shouldn’t have come back to this post, now I’m hungry.

  2. Only article I wanna see about HTC on here is reviews about there latest firmware update

    1. Firmware here, firmware there, firmware everywhere!! ?

      1. Lol really

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