NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV update brings 4K picture sharing, 4 new apps and more


NVIDIA Shield with Android TV

The NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV is getting a quick update today. It’s version 1.2, and brings a number of important enhancements and changes that you’ll want to have your hands on ASAP. The biggest is the ability to share photos in 4K resolution. That isn’t the most exciting bit of functionality in the world, but if you can’t stand to view your photos in anything other than 4K then there it is.

We’re also getting 4 new apps, including Fox Sports Go, EPIX, CBS News and CBS Sports, with NVIDIA detailing 12 more that will b on the way soon:

  • HBO Now
  • HBO Go
  • Fox News
  • Fox Now
  • FX Now
  • Qello
  • Twitch
  • UFC
  • USA Today
  • Vimeo
  • Vudu
  • WWE

And here’s everything else that you can expect to see differently after taking this update:

  • Delivering enhancements for SD card auto-move setting
  • Optimizations to streaming experience for Google Play Movies and Netflix
  • Shield Accessories Upgrade for Shield Remote for better response
  • Adds notifications for low battery on Shield Remote
  • Delivers enhancements for NVIDIA GameStream (requires update to GeForce Experience v2.25 beta or later)

It’s available right now so be sure to check the settings menu on your SHIELD to pull it down.

[via ShackNews]

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  1. I keep saying I’m buying one but I haven’t yet. I need to just pull the trigger. Maybe I’ll wait and see what Nest announces on Wednesday first.

    1. I can’t recall reading a Phandroid article about the Nvidia Shield A Android TV thing. I swear having Cyanogenmod on my Nexus 5 screws with which articles show up in my Phandroid app. I rarely miss an article but every now and then it seems that an article I really would have liked to see just didn’t show up or I missed it.

    2. Man, this system is awesome and is future proof. Why wait, go ahead Derek and pull the trigger! nVidia has really produced a work horse of a machine in a nice futuristic compact design.

    3. I’m waiting too. When the usb (logitech) keyboard support and file/folder editing/moving feature has been fixed, then I’ll be interested. Right now the official forums are awash with bugs galore for the system, but the updates seem to be coming out fairly frequently to fix them.

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