Spigen sale brings massive discounts on Nexus 6 cases, free US shipping [DEALS]


Spigen Nexus 6 case sale

If you’ve been keeping up with the Mobile Roar Podcast, you’ve know I’ve been meaning to trade in my DROID Turbo for a big ‘ol honkin’ Nexus 6. Any time you get a new phone, a case is almost always mandatory. It’s a good thing a buddy of mine turned me on to this amazing deal.

Spigen’s got a sale going on where they’ve drastically marked down some of their best cases for the Nexus 6. Pretty much their entire lineup has been marked down by as much as 83%. Yeah, it’s a lot. There’s plenty of options to choose from too, whether you’re looking for a thicker Slim Armor case with kickstand, or a little lighter protection like the Thin Fit (my personal favorite).

If you or someone else you know has a Nexus 6 in need of some protection, hit up Spigen’s sale down below. We’re not sure how much longer it’ll last.


Thanks, Yoshi!

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  1. Not usually a fan of the wallet/folio-style cases, but,decided to give this one a shot (can’t beat the pricing).
    I’ve had issues w/the screen coming on when pocketed while at work (always moving/on-the-go).
    Hopefully, this will take care of that & have the added benefit/option of leaving my wallet in the locker while at work.

    1. Based on your comment I just ordered the wallet case too. Just 10 minutes ago I ordered the Slim Armor with kickstand but after looking at the wallet, realized the wallet part may come in handy + it has kickstand functionality + it is synthetic leather (no dead animals)! Now I have a bumper, the Slim Armor and the Wallet S case. I am sure one of them is bound to break at some point so I think it is good to have some backups. Plus it is really nice and affordable to be able to try all three out and see which one fits my lifestyle.

      1. The only other case I have is a bumper:

        I went this route since the phone is huge as-is & any case is just gonna pile-on.
        However, the functionality of a kickstand & wallet will be a nice trade-off, along w/shedding my traditional wallet in the process.

        1. Same exact situation, I have the orange Nillkin you posted a video of.

          1. The power button and volume buttons on the Nillkin are acceptable but could be better. Here’s to hoping the buttons are better on the Spigen.

          2. I cut-out the power button on mine,to easier distinguish the power/volume button(s).
            Once the phone is on,I have double-tap to sleep & wake,so,no more fumbling for the right button…….

          3. Cutting out the power button is nifty idea.

            How did you setup double tap to sleep & wake?

          4. DT to wake is stock*,AFAICT,but,I use this app to sleep:


            I use the transparent widget on my homescreen(s),basically,an invisible off button,on an empty spot.

            Just a word of caution:
            Unless I’m doing something wrong,I’d recommend against using the floating widget,it seems to screw w/screen responsiveness when tapping,found that out playing a game.
            I discovered that was the cause when I could actually see the “invisible floating widget” very faintly bleeding through (looked like burn-in at 1st glance).
            Once I disabled the floating widget,no more problems.

            *Edit: Double-tap to wake isn’t a stock feature,my mistake………

          5. My mistake,double-tap to wake isn’t a stock feature.

            I use another app for that (requires root):


          6. Thanks, it actually led me to Proximity wake (wave to wake) like Moto X has. But Moto X has it a bit better in that it wakes to ambient mode, not a full wake up. So bitter sweet. Only reason I went with the Nexus 6 was because I got a Project Fi invite, which is awesome and very well worth it!

  2. Wow I JUST got my Spigen case in the mail today…

  3. Orders the thin fit. A guy at work has one just like this, could be the same thing but I’m not sure. I love the way it looks though because you don’t lose the “sleek” look like I do with my rubber Cruzerlite case.

    1. I have a Ringke Slim; which is basically the same thing.

      First time owning one of these slim type cases and I’m really impressed with it. I’ve dropped my phone on my hardwood floor a few times, and I think the case did it’s job :)

      edit: after looking at the Spigen, I see it’s not as good as the Ringke Slim; as it doesn’t fully protect the top and bottom like Ringke does.

  4. Do they know something we don’t know? Like maybe something is coming out soon that will create less interest in their Nexus 6 case inventory? Like maybe a new Nexus device?

    1. As great as that would be, I think you’re reading too much into it. It’s just a sale. New Nexus phone will come during New Nexus phone time (October/November)

  5. Already have a bumper but the N6 with it’s nice big screen and front facing stereo speakers is going to be best enjoyed with a kickstand. All phones should have kickstands built into them.

    tldr; I ordered the Nexus 6 Case Slim Armor. $5 with free shipping, no gotchas.

    1. You are gonna hate it. I returned that one. The kickstand keeps falling it. Its a horribly made case. But it sure looks pretty on the web site.

      1. Thanks! I guess that is why I ordered the wallet case too. Plus if both suck, I still have my bumper!

      2. Just got mine last night. Love the prettiness of it but yeah, horribly engineered from a usability stand point. The kickstand does feel like it will break anyday now. In addition the power and volume keys are even harder to detect by feel AND sight now. I took a razor blade and cut V notches on the side and took white out and filled them in. Now it is somewhat usable.

  6. I had to return my Spiegen Nexus 6 case. Complete crap build. Spiegen messed up on this round of cases.

  7. Nexus phones and tablets are now available online only at (NexusPhone Deals,com)

  8. The thin fit black is the way to go of your looking for minimal coverage. The black material is nice soft rubber kind of like the N5. I also bought the white one but it’s slippery and just feels like plastic.

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