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samsung galaxy s6 active manual

Samsung’s website was a fountain of information earlier. Not only did they unleash official specs for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active, we’re even getting a full user manual to go along with it.

samsung galaxy s6 active features

This 108 page document will tell you everything you need to know about using the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active, including some of the more unique features like customizing the extra “Active” button you’ll find on the side of the device. It also takes you through using Samsung’s user interface on top of Lollipop, and showing you how to do stuff like hard resetting the device (there’s no removable battery) and changing the SIM card.

galaxy s6 active sim card

One thing we should note is that this manual specifically covers the AT&T variant, which — to our knowledge — will be the only variant of the phone available at launch (as AT&T has historically been the exclusive launch partner for the Active series).

We’re still digging through the manual ourselves to see what other interesting bits lie inside, and we’ll definitely be sure to share whatever we might find. Rather give it a look yourself? You can view the full thing over at AndroidForums.com.

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  1. Don’t see the point of this product. If you need weather protection isn’t it better to get an appropriate case that you can take off to restore the much nicer non-active design?

    1. Contrary to your last few words, I actually like the design of the Active series. That rugged-look is very appealing to me. It has crossed my mind to buy one. =.3

  2. Got tired of waiting for this and no Verizon variant in sight, picked up 64 GB S6 on Verizon. Pretty pleased with it so far. Tech Matte wireless charger on amazon for 20 bux. Fast, shoots amazing pics, amazing screen. Best batttery life ive ever had on a phone. I heard rumors it was horrible battery…hope it doesnt change after a few weeks use. After playing with g4 at best buy, it feels huge, cheap, and like it will easily shatter without a case, making it even bigger with a case. Spec candy shell on my s6 is pretty slim still and protected.

  3. wireless charging?

  4. No interest. So bummed. The rumored larger battery changed my mind. Now that it’s not larger it’s time to find a new phone.

  5. A manual? Really? “I want to download the manual to learn and how to use the phone, even though its not out yet”.

    1. You can see what features that the phone has. I see it has no SD card, no wireless charging and no glove mode. It’s not great

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