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Instagram is about to become one of the most effective advertising platforms out there. Facebook and Instagram have announced a forthcoming open advertising platform for the picture-based social network.

Ads on Instagram are nothing new. Sponsored posts have been in the app as early as 2013, and they’re quite easy to ignore if you don’t mind having to scroll that extra bit more to get back to seeing your friends’ photos. This new development, though, will allow advertisers to create their own ad campaigns and target specific demographics.

This is not unlike the way Facebook ads are handled, though that’s no surprise. We imagine the company will take care not to try and overload your timeline with so many ads that you can no longer easily check up on your friends.

In fact, it’s Instagram’s hope that the experience won’t be all that different from what you’re already used to, except now ads can come from any Joe Schmo with a business. The worst of our worries would be seeing some pretty bad ads (learn how to make $5,000 per second by doing nothing!), but that’s about it.

We always feel iffy about ads invading our social networks, but the reality of it is that these companies don’t work for free. Facebook has to make good money on their lucrative purchase, after all, so you’ll have to either accept it or find a new home for that food porn.

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  1. I just “block user” whenever I see an ad on Instagram. Those companies will never see a dollar from me anyway =)

  2. That’s why I don’t use Facebook anymore, and if becomes as bad as Facebook I won’t use instagram either.

  3. Noooooooooooooo!

  4. Instagram was like the last shred of connection I have with my friends… I will move exclusively to Ello if this gets bad. :/

  5. There should be a premium paid version with no ads.

    1. Why?

      1. Same reason there are premium versions of games. Are you serious?

    2. absolutely agree

  6. “We imagine the company will take care not to try and overload your timeline with so many ads that you can no longer easily check up on your friends.”

    Why? It was precisely because Facebook did EXACTLY that, which promoted me to close my Facebook account in disgust.

    I severely doubt this will be any different.

  7. The real downside to this is not the ads. When facebook started with the ads, they severely changed the alogorithm so fewer people would see unpaid posts. Prior to paid advertising, 300-600 people would see a post on my Facebook Photography page. Now only 30-40 see any given post. However, if I do a paid (promoted) post for only 10.00, I get 1500-3000 views and I can target it to the audience I want. It is effective. BUT and its a big but. I used to get 85 percent of my business from facebook. Now I get almost none and almost all my business comes from Instagram. It’s perfect for me as is. If they change the alogorithm to limit who sees my posts, I will not be happy.

  8. If they clog my feed up with useless ads I’ll uninstall it and move on to the next big thing like I did with Facebook.

  9. will adblock stop it? lol

    1. If not I’m done with Instagram

  10. Like Val said, I’d rather pay up front for an ad free experience..

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