Oct 24th, 2013

Instagram ads preview

We’ve known about Instagram’s plans to incorporate ads into their (free) social network for quite sometime now. It wasn’t too long ago that the company received backlash from users after changes to Instagram’s terms of service left many with a bad taste in their mouths. Today, Instagram took to their official blog to give us a preview of what ads will look like once they go live in the coming weeks.

Instagram ad single

The first ad, meant as a preview, will come from Instagram, showing a “Sponsored” link in the top right corner to easily identify it as such. Instagram promises to curate exactly which companies you, as the end user, will see ads from. Companies like Levi’s or others who are currently active on Instagram will likely show up in your feed, and these can be tailored to your tastes be pressing the “…” button (should you never want to see an ad from ___ company ever again).

Nothing too alarming, and pretty much standard for online services looking to make some actual revenue. We approve.

[Instagram About Ads | via Instagram]