May 28th, 2015

During today’s Google IO keynote, Google unveiled a new refresh of Google Cardboard. If you’re unfamiliar with Google Cardboard, it’s a super cheap way to get on the virtual reality train, by providing you with a virtual reality headset made out of cardboard. You simply fold the view finder together in a few simple steps, plop in your smartphone and strap it to your head for a quick way to check out a virtual world through many supported apps.

While the new Cardboard will feature a larger design to support larger phones like the Nexus 6, the biggest new feature is its application in the classroom. Google showcased how Cardboard could be used in the classroom by debuting its new service called Expeditions, which are like virtual reality tours that the teacher controls. Expeditions works by synchronizing all the devices in the classroom to the tablet used by the teacher, so whatever presentation is selected can be viewed individually by each student using their own Cardboard headset.

By using a tablet, teachers can interact with the student’s devices and control what they’re seeing, switching from 360 degree photos of numerous locations across the globe or some taken right in the back yard. Google confirmed that they’re working with The Planetary Society, The American Museum of Expeditions, and The Palace of Versailles to bring new content to the system.

If this seems interesting to you and you’d like to experience Expeditions in your classroom, be sure to sign up to show your interest. More information about Expeditions and the Google Cardboard platform is available as well.

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