Google Cardboard refresh supports larger phones and iOS



Google Cardboard launched during last year’s Google IO event, bringing the concept of a cheap VR headset into reality. Since then, several third-party partners have been announced on the Google Cardboard hub page, giving those who want to experience VR for the first time cheap and easy ways to do so.

Google seems particularly pleased with the direction Cardboard has taken since its announcement, as during today’s keynote they announced over 1 million people have tried the technology. Perhaps the biggest new feature for the VR platform is that it now supports developers on iOS, so that VR enthusiasts can develop new apps on both iOS and Android.

Aside from becoming available on another platform, Google also updated the standard Cardboard design, so that it can be assembled quicker than ever. You’ll only need to complete 3 steps this time instead of 7 in order to assemble the standard Cardboard piece. The new design will support phones up to six inches, so those with the Nexus 6 are no longer left relying on third-party Cardboard solutions.

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