Official: Sprint gets the LG G4 June 5th, pre-sale starts today with 3 free goodies



Sprint has announced that they will be getting the LG G4 June 5th. The carrier is among the first to offer up solid availability. They’ll have a few different options for upgrading depending on what works best for you:

  • Sprint Lease: LG G4 will be available through Sprint Lease for $0 down at signing and $18 per month. (Note that Sprint will always own the device and there will be no option to keep it if you end service).
  • At the conclusion of the lease period, customers in good standing have several options, including returning the LG G4 and leasing another device or purchasing it.
  • Sprint Easy PaySM: Well-qualified buyers can purchase LG G4 with $0 down (plus tax), no finance fees and 24 easy monthly payments of $25 (SRP: $600; excluding taxes; service plan required).
  • Purchase LG G4 for $ $199.99 with a two-year agreement.
  • Purchase LG G4 for $599.99 without a contract.

You can pre-order as soon as today, and doing so will net you some goodies, including a 32GB microSD card, a spare 3,000mAh battery and a charging cradle. You should also check out our LG G4 review if you’re still on the fence, but here’s a quick spoiler: you definitely couldn’t go wrong making this your smartphone of choice for 2015.

[via Sprint]

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  1. Hmm. So wish g4 version supports all tmobile and att bands? I want to preorder that one.

  2. wish Sprint was actually good here in my area….i’d consider switching, this phone is going to be awesome!

  3. Thumbs up for the charging cradle + extra battery. I got in on the same promotion for my G3. I didn’t think much of it until I actually started using it. I thought it would be a PITA to swap batteries, but it turned out to be ridiculously easy. I can do the whole swap in under a minute, and that includes time taken to: power it down, remove the case, pop the back off, swap batteries, replace the back and case, and go through the entire startup cycle to where it’s ready to use again. It’s just super easy. And now I never really need to charge the phone itself. I’ll never go back to a phone with a permanent battery so long as I can help it.

    1. I got in on the G3 promo as well, but since I have my messenger tote with me most everywhere I go, I prefer to use my Targus 4800 mAh external battery thingy that I leave in the tote. Only cost me 10 bucks, dual 2.1amp output, and small and tiny. Plus since it charges anything via USB, my Bluetooth stereo ear buds get in on the action as well when I wear them down.

  4. Should I be regretting that I just ordered a Nexus 6 on T-Mobile?

    1. Not at all. N6 has comparable benchmarks, a bigger screen, better software, and more flexibility to switch carriers for long term usage.

      1. agreed, nothing wrong with my nexus 6 =) except for the camera the G4 is offering…its the only reason its peaked my interest

    2. No Ragrets

  5. How much is $0 plus tax?!

    1. The tax is on the full price. They have to collect that at the beginning, so if your sales tax is 5%, you’d have to pay $30 today to get the phone.

      1. It’s a really bizarre way of doing things, especially you’re not American and are used to all prices just including your tax in the price.

        For example, in the UK when this finally launches it’ll be on something like a 24 month contract for about £35 per month, and that’s it. Nothing else to work out at all.

        1. Even worse.. no matter what you pay in the USA if you get a phone on contract you pay tax on the FULL RETAIL price. So, if you pay $200 on contract, you pay tax for $600. How jacked up is that?

          1. So, in theory, could a retailer/manufacturer set the cost of the phone at say, $2500 even though it would never actually be sold at that price and you would pay the sales tax on the $2500 rather than the $200 the phone actually cost?

            The whole American tax system is fucked up. As an American citizen paying tax on earnings wherever they are made even if you’ve already paid the local income tax on your earnings? Ridiculous!

          2. Bingo.. this has always been my concern. They can set whatever “retail price” they want. But, it has never worked out this way as you can check and verify what “retail” is. Now, I have seen – for example – Best Buy charge more for “retail” then say direct from Verizon, so in that case you pay more retail cost AND more tax. But yeah, if I went to buy on contract at $200 and when looking at the tax line item and it was tax well above what the known retail is, I would cry foul.

            Now anymore, I pay actual correct tax as I just outright buy the phone – no contract for me – so I pay whatever tax is on the price I actually buy the phone at. I will buy this phone at $600 (expected retail) and so I expect to pay $48 in tax only. But a guy buying it at $200 on contract will also pay $48 tax rather than $16 they should pay. Total scam.

            Yes, the tax system is jacked up in USA on several levels BUT the cell phone tax scam is the ONLY time I have ever seen where even if you get the phone at $200 on contract you pay for tax on the full retail price. That is like saying I buy a $500 item on sale for 20% off, but yet pay tax on $500. It is nutty and only in the cell phone world.

  6. $600 – nice (relative to the S6). I hope VZW is in this range. And the goodies, that is awesome I read about those last week. Apparently that is not Sprint specific, all purchases get the goodies.

  7. it will get my money if its 200 on contract with cisco.

  8. Really good deal 0$ and really good spec, maybe I regret my S6 I bought for 350$ on contract… what you think guys?

  9. Yep, sold my s6 to Co worker.. Had worse battery life than my note 3..(yes I no its smaller, thought optimization would make it comparable) Getting G4..No RAgretz!

    1. Nothing special with the G4 can’t help but laugh ????

      1. Perhaps not special but it’s still much better than the S6 he previously had. He’s a smart guy. :D

      2. Laugh, laugh away bro! Ya the g4 isn’t metal and doesn’t have the 810 but it’s still special in my books.. S6 was puny and the edge is a gimmick..yep it’s geek bench scores trump anything else but in real world use.. Not going to notice.. Camera is top bill, battery is ace, but best of all NO HOME BUTTON! really looking forward to that with use of knock on and still keep my SD.. Bring it on…

      3. As are your comments, but what else is new?

        1. Damn! Animosity!!!

          1. Is it really animosity though, if it’s true? He says the same fanboy BS crap every post, either talking smack about any product not made by Samsung, or worshiping a product made by Samsung. Take a look through his comment history for that Disqus profile, or even this other one he’s created: https://disqus.com/by/galaxynote4isboss/

          2. You will always be my online slut squiddy20

          3. The fact that you feel the need to say something like that, speaks volumes of your mental depravity/development (or lack thereof). As you said to me in the past “go buy a life”, moron.

  10. Verizon pre order on the 28th! Yaaaaay

    1. where website for verizon pre order?

      1. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/promo/lg-g4-phones-139408?nrp=15&cp=1&id=undefined&st=lg-g4-phones-139408&qp=soldby_facet%3DSold%20By~Best%20Buy according to this link Verizon does NOT appear to have a leather version for sale – at least not through BB.

        LG – G4 Cell Phone – Metallic Gray (Verizon Wireless)

        LG – G4 Cell Phone – Ceramic White (Verizon Wireless)

        LG – G4 Cell Phone – Deep Blue (Verizon Wireless)

        All are the plastic back and all are showing $610 retail.

        The price I expected as it is in line with other leaks. Not seeing leather as an option for Verizon, that shocks me as it does show for ATT and Sprint.

        I did the preorder with BB to qualify for the $100 gift card and then I will sign up for the Lg G4 freebe giveaway and get a spare battery, battery charger, 32gb card.

        Now I will just have to buy a leather back at retail :(

  11. There is an option to keep devices on lease … I called about it.

  12. Totally agree with the very last statement of this article…u definitely won’t go wrong making this your device for 2015. LG did a superb job with this device…it is a well rounded phone with two pluses, Removable batteries and SD Card expansion. The only thing i will love to see on the next flagship G device is front firing speakers done LG style…with minimal bezels, about 75+% screen to body ratio. Hopefully they will use/consider the G4 concept by Jermaine Smit published on concept-phones on March 2nd as inspiration.

  13. Already ordered it from Sprint. UPS says should arrive on Wed, 5/27 !

    1. Mines too, On Thursday. Hopefully it’s true.

  14. My G4 is on the truck for delivery today! Well played Sprint :)

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