T-Mobile takes $100 off the Nexus 6 [DEAL]


Nexus 6 unboxed

If you were going to buy a Nexus 6 from Google Play, you might want to avert your attention to T-Mobile instead. The company is putting the Nexus 6 up for $550, which is $100 cheaper than it typically goes for.

The great thing about this deal is that you can take advantage no matter which carrier you’re with, as all Nexus 6 units sold in the United States are identical and can be used with whoever you’re with.

Of course, T-Mobile customers have the added benefit of getting it for $0 down and paying a monthly installment to make the day one cost a bit cheaper, but if you were going to buy this thing unlocked we can’t think of a better place to do it right now. T-Mobile has the deal for you right here if you want to take advantage.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Of course they did, one month after I purchased it through them!

    1. I did as well,exactly one month ago.
      Call ’em up & ask for a credit.
      That’s what I did yesterday & they met me halfway,got $50 off my next bill.

      1. I did call yesterday and the woman told me that she wasn’t able to help me out with that because I was already past the buyers remorse date.

        1. Call again and speak with someone else, or go to the store. Some people follow the rules; most of the new people, while others help you bend the rules.

          1. Will definitely end up going into a store. Hopefully they will be able to help.

          2. I’m guessing they will.
            .and if they don’t offer…let them know your bff with the monarch!

  2. That big ass phone could be $200 off and I wouldn’t touch it. Of course if I were to touch it, it would require the use of two hands.

    1. Of course if I were to touch it, it would require the use of two hands…….

      That’s what she said!

  3. Well… Hope you have a strong WiFi booster for signal or a very long network cable that goes everywhere in town. Allan Tantillo, a VP at T-Mobile, at while on a networking panel said they won’t invest in coverage at “unprofitable” areas. He said “hotels”, “Hospitals” and “sports arenas” aren’t a priority at T-Mobile, and customer expectations should be reset. Those comments were made at “PCIA Wireless Infrastructure Show 2015 Hetnet panel” So look the video up on Youtube. I think he wants the payphone company to erode T-Mobile sales.

    You’d think that with the $650 “Payoff Fee” T-Mobile pays for contract cancellation, this additional $100 discount on the phone $50 referral credits, would be enough. But as a potential customer, I want cotton candy and a hotdog too..!

    With all that cash, you’d almost think that T-Mobile was all done with building its network— you know, filling in all the coverage gaps and holes in the network. That way, it could be ranked higher by its own customers.

    Giving phones away, buying out contracts and stuff isn’t really “sales”. T-Mobile might as well say “Hey, we know our network sucks… But we don’t have any money to fix the issues because we’re investing our effort and money in making this phone free…!”

    Still, when it includes an order of Cotton Candy, I’ll buy two…!

    1. Practically every hotel nowadays has free wifi…even hospitals do. Sports arenas are another story…but it is what it is.

    2. Too many words

  4. Being in so cal, we have great LTE on T-Mobile. I’ve been using my Nexus for nine months now and I have 0 complaints with this phone. There’s Been no problems, and WiFi kicks in with no problems as it is right now. I love getting all the is updates as they become ready. If your service on T-Mobile is wack then why would you be there? This phone is great, and I believe its only problem is its price compared to past Nexus devices. I wouldn’t let that stop you, its still cheaper than other high end devices. It blows away my Sam note 3, but I confess I do miss the stylist just a little bit.

  5. Cool now take 1″ off the screen size and I’d be interested instead of GS6.

    1. Nah!! I actually want to try a phone this big. I play a lot of games and watch a lot of media content. I think I can make use of this.

      1. Go for it. I pretty much just use text, email, web and maps. 4″ screen is fine for me and 5″ is as big as I’d want for 1-handed use.

  6. I went ahead and took advantage of this deal last night and so far I’m loving it. It is huge but I have big fat fingers so it is working out. :)

    1. Are you through T-Mobile? I’m with Sprint (and have a better deal than T-Mobile), how do you work the system for a different carrier?

      1. I am through T-mobile. I’m pretty sure you can buy this straight up and then use it on any carrier, but I could be wrong.

  7. I’m new to this whole thing, I have Sprint. So I just walk into T-Mobile, walk out with the phone and next door to Sprint and say “Activate this”?

  8. Bought mine earlier, can’t wait for it to get here :-)

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