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Motorola Moto 360 womens

One of the best Android Wear smart watches currently available is on sale today at! It’s the Moto 360, and the blowout daily deals site has it for just $130, though that price tag comes with the stipulation that these are factory reconditioned units.

Still, $130 is a pretty low price if you don’t mind springing for a first generation smart watch. Unfortunately it’s no longer the new kid on the block, with options like the LG Watch Urbane taking its thunder and a sequel rumored to be on the way soon.

Regardless, it’s not a bad smart watch at all for this price and it still holds rank as a top tier wrist dweller even this far into 2015. Be sure to read our Moto 360 review if you need a closer look before plunging, but act fast since the sale only lasts through the end of the day or until stock is depleted, whichever comes first.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. The leather one is on sale, not the metal one.

  2. Sold out!

  3. love this watch, only gripe is the battery life….but hey, thats why they make 2nd gen stuff, right? =)

    1. you’ve probably heard this before, but my battery life is quite nice for an electronic device (assuming you’re willing to charge it every nite like your phone) I can get 36 hrs easily.

      1. I go about 2 days if I barely touch it. If I play on it quite a bit, then i’m charging it the next morning at work when it gets near the 20% mark….people on other forums scoff when I tell them 2 days like its unrealistic and a lie! craziness.

      2. I usually get a day, but I have like every notification going to my watch. And when I’m out and about, I put on ambient mode.

  4. If I didn’t already have this, that would be a heck of a deal!. I paid 250 for mine just 3 months ago :(

    1. $340 Canadian about a month ago (cheap in US dollars, though).

  5. A cracking deal. All these recent deals on the Moto 360, does make you think why they are trying to clear 360 stock. May be the 360 v2 is closer to release than rumours lead on.

    1. Or, maybe it was a stupid idea to make a round smartwatch?

      1. What’s wrong with a round smartwatch?

      2. There are so many round watches out there that your statement just makes no sense. I didn’t think you could look any more silly but then I thought…. what if Apple’s next watch was round. DUH!

        1. Read what I said and what you said again. Maybe you didn’t have enough coffee when you posted that response. I said round SMARTwatches. How many round SMARTwatches are out there???

  6. I would say if you can get it, get it. A smartwatch is a great investment. It’s beepers all over again!! Yea, they’re in their infancy still, but if you get the extra funds, I’d pick this up. I don’t regret having it. Even if it’s for simple things.

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