How durable is the LG G4? This drop test has the answer [VIDEO]


lg g4 drop test

Most normal folks aren’t even able to get their hands on the LG G4 yet, but the guys at TechRax already have one to abuse. They’ve put the device through an infamous drop test to see how it stands to the unfortunate event of it falling to hard concrete.

The results? Not too great. When dropped on its backside the device came out just fine, though that’s not much of a surprise considering the rear of the LG G4 is draped in genuine leather. Dropping it onto its face was a different story — the glass shattered in a lot more ways than one. That said, the touchscreen was still operable so it wasn’t all bad.

All in all, it’s probably a good idea to grab a case when you buy an LG G4 if you’re on the clumsy side and find yourself dropping your device a lot. Otherwise, be careful because this thing definitely isn’t indestructible.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Look closely at 2:11. The glass on the back camera is broken from the first drop.

    1. good catch

  2. Gorilla glass 3 not 4 right?

    1. Yes

  3. [TROLL]

    So it looks like the all glass GS6/Edge can handle drops better than the G4…


  4. does this have GG3? or GG4? I have 3 on my Nexus 6 and I’ve dropped it face first with no issues….this thing is weak!!

    1. Everything I’ve seen points to GG4 on this.

      1. I have to imagine something being up with this phone. was it the final product with GG4?? that is the question. there is no way that GG3, let alone GG4 would shatter like that

        1. I dunno. Let’s see more tests?

          1. I can agree to that. i do not plan on buying a device for another 5 months anyways, i’m sure plenty of reviews will be released by then

    2. He states in the video that it is GG3

  5. Drop tests are SO dumb. What do they prove? They ONLY show what happened for THAT person in THAT environment. They can’t reasonably be extrapolated by anyone to any situation beyond that one.

    What do you do with dumb info like this when your phone breaks and it does not break like this one? Are you shocked? Do you try to argue with the seller that “so this drop test video I saw showed that.. but mine did….”.

    Do these actually make people feel better in some way – or worse – and stop or start them from actually buying a phone?

    1. Easy to extrapolate to infinity from a data size of 1.

      Agree with you 100%.

    2. the interesting thing is with all these “drop tests”, i wonder if later on there will be some sort of IIHS for mobile phones.

    3. Exactly…just freakin stupid. I dropped my week old One M7 ( 2 weeks after release ) while sitting on some concrete stairs at the zoo. I dropped it while sitting, from the stair my ass was on to the very next stair below, so about 6″-8″….screen shattered! Not only did the screen shatter, but I had the black model, and it had scrapes all over, and the black coating chipped off revealing silver underneath. On the other hand, I’ve dropped my G2 about 5 times. Some from pocket height, and once even as I was walking. When i was walking and swinging my arms, the phone flew out of my hand on the upswing, so it looked like I actually threw it. The G2 only has minor scuffing on 2 of the corners. So yes, these tests are such BS and a waste of a great phone. I only like seeing these tests done with iPhones lol.

  6. Wow even some drop test are ridiculous is not the case of this, the G4 can’t handle just one drop Test wow better look for something else .

    1. i think most similar devices, if not all, would not come out unscathed if dropped like this.

  7. What do these “tester” people do with these phones? I mean, do they get them for free or pay full price just to destroy them?

    1. They probably get a “return of investment” from all the views that they get even if they do buy the phone. But that’s just my theory.

    2. I know some youtubers have Insurance /case companies who pay them for doing drop test to scare people into buying insurance, cases , etc

  8. There’s no way a free release drop test will show uniform results – no two drops will ever be less than random chance, never mind comparing survivability between different handsets. just stop it. Switch to driving cars into brick walls – that at least would be entertaining…

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