Huawei sends out invites for June 2nd event in New York


Huawei invite June 2 USA

Huawei is gearing up to announce a new handset and unlike the recently launched Huawei P8, this one is bound for the US. The Chinese manufacturer has just sent out invites to a June 2nd event in New York City and although it doesn’t reveal much, you can see some sort of smartphone press render peeking out from behind the invite.

With the tag line “See what we’re unlocking next,” it only makes sense that this could be an unlocked version of the P8 with US carrier bands. We’ll keep you posted as we bring you the latest from the event.

Chris Chavez
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  1. I guess that means no Verizon :(

  2. It’s “wow-way” right? I swear you can look me in the depths of my soul and embed the pronunciation of this name in my very essence and I will still forget the next time I read it. Smh.

    1. 100% with you so you are not alone. ;)

    2. We had a lot of fun/discussion with this in the Huawei Ascend forum many moons ago.

      Good times indeed……


      1. Even the video messed up. He finished with ‘Way’ in the beginning then ‘Wee’ in the end.

  3. Good to see them entering the US market, hopefully Xiaomi isn’t far behind

    Fingers crossed there’s no spy chips in these!


    1. What they goin’ learn? That we like to argue about bezel or no bezel? LoL!! I honestly don’t even know why “people” are taking the time to “spy” on North Americans. LoL!! We lazy as shih tzu.

    2. Is that honestly still an issue? I worried about it in the beginning, but pretty much everything we have goes through China, and I doubt you have anything they want.

      It’s a former army official. Should foreigners then be weary of any American vet that goes into global business? Hell no.

  4. Is that a stylus on the far left?

    1. That does look like a stylus. It seems your eyes aren’t… malfunctioning. =.3

    2. Could be,but,I doubt it.

      My money says it’s just the side profile of the same phone,given the button placement,much like this render:


      1. Nailed it.. bing bing

  5. You sure it’s not the launch of the next Nexus device? Project Fi was just unveiled, after all.

  6. Have phablet, will buy. Otherwise nothing to see here personally.

  7. Thinking this is the next Nexus phone, advertised right after Google i/o?

  8. If this is the next nexus device, the search is over for 2015 phone aside from new one plus (2) as well :)

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