Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge now receiving 237MB update on AT&T [UPDATE: Sprint too]


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge DSC09267

It’s been about a month since the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge hit store shelves and already they’re receiving an over-the-air update on AT&T. It’s not Android 5.1 (that’s not expected until June), but without official word from AT&T, there’s no telling what kinda of bug fixes or improvements the system update brings. We do know it’s still Android 5.0.2 and weighs in at 236.92MB, so it’s moderately sized.

We can only hope the update addresses battery life concerns (our units are still barely getting 14 hours of standby). More than likely, this update could be similar to the 159MB update rolling out now across Europe and Asia which brings better fingerprint recognition, new photo editing features, and other UI changes.

There was also word that the Galaxy S6 would soon be receiving a camera update to add support for shooting in RAW. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

UPDATE: Looks like the Sprint model got an update too. It’s still Android 5.0.2 (software version G925PVPU1AOE2), weighs in at 130MB, and is rolling out now over-the-air.

[via AndroidForums | Sprint]

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  1. Please fix the RAM issues. Pretty please.

    1. Is it really that bad? I would really like to know.

      1. For me personally, it has been. Factory reset didn’t fix it. It’ll run fine for a few days but then practically everything starts slowing down. I think at its worst, it took about 4-6 seconds to load the camera after pressing the home button. Keep in mind, I don’t have any “rogue” apps installed and almost always when my performance is hellish, Android System is the biggest eater of the battery.

        1. This is true. I can close all of my apps and it will still be using 83% of the RAM. The lag is so awful that I have already list mine on eBay. I am done with Samsung.

          1. Sounds like you should just take it back and exchange it. My S6 edge has zero lag and is faster after the update. Camera app opens immediately. You just have a bad device.

        2. Sounds like a nightmare. But you did say the latest updates fixed though?

      2. It’s bearable but annoying to see such a powerhouse go to waste. I just need this, Google Now recognition and battery life to be fixed and it will be just about perfect. Overall very happy with it though.

        1. So google now voice command doesn’t work? I’m guessing you can still pull it up manually?

          1. Google now recognition (OK google) only works within the app itself. Aside from that Google now works fine.

          2. Battery life and RAM management?

          3. The RAM management is too aggressive. Apps are not retained in memory and easily forced close.

      3. My girl has the at&t version and it is pretty bad. Web based apps are getting closer pretty quickly.

        1. Web based apps? Man I’m so close to buying one.

  2. Lose root?

    1. i downloading it but as usual, it is going to lose root since the newest software version will no longer supported.

  3. An update for the ATT S6 was released today with the following enhancements:

    Battery performance enhancement

    HD Voice enhancement

    Screen enhancements

    AT&T Message enhancement

    Screen rotation enhancement

    Power key press time from .5 sec to 1.5 sec.

    Other various performance enhancements


    Android version: 5.0.2

    Baseband version: G920AUCU1AOE2

    Kernel Version: 3.10.61-4823236 dpi@SWDD3910 #1 Sun May 3 00:35:28 KST 2015

    Build Number: LRX22G.G925AUCU1AOE2

    File size: 238MB

    1. Do us a favor and let us know if it actually helps out with the battery life. Also do you have the edge? I do recall that one having rotation issues.

    2. Not a bad list but the key issues are battery life and memory management. Oh and I don’t supports they completely removed touchwiz :)

      1. The Verizon variant does not have the battery issues.

        1. Yes it does, stupid cell standby drain on all 3 galaxy s 6’s / edges we received. Doesn’t get through a work day cause of it.

          1. That is BS. See below.

  4. can someone check to see if they give you an option to turn off multiwindow. i never use it and dont know why they removed that option for us to turn it off! it gets annoying at times

    1. nope , it’s still not there

  5. This is the notification I received

  6. Yet another Galaxy disappointment from everything said about the battery life and the terrible memory management. That 14nm SoC and 3GB RAM aren’t doing their job perhaps they should go back to 1080p screen to bring back some battery life. I was going to get this phone but between all this and seeing those touchwiz screens… i’m not sure anymore.

    1. Once 5.1 arrives it’ll be fine. Other than the memory leak I have no issues it works flawlessly. It’s so fast it makes everything but my gaming pc seem super slow.

      1. That’s reassuring as I’m still thinking about getting the GS6.

    2. Get it is the best people complain about everything

  7. Here is a explanation from a sprint rep in the sprint community forums:


    “The update is mainly to address the issue where some GS6/GS6e owners are experiencing an overly high amount of dropped calls.”

  8. Every time I try to check for the update it says “network or software error try again” anyone else experiencing that?

  9. This update been available on sprint since monday morning, I am surprise so many tech sites have been 2 days late with this news.

    1. Its sprint. Who covers sprint anymore :p

  10. I did my update last night on my S6 edge, and when I got to work this morning I always have LTE and now I have Edge to no signal. If it continues with this i’ll call AT&T to make sure they are not working on any towers or the update might have borked something.

  11. got a 161.71 mb download this morning in India. Posted as a performance and bug fix release

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