Chinese analyst: Huawei-made Nexus will have 5.7-inch Quad HD display, Snapdragon 810



While we’ve been dreaming of what a Huawei-made Nexus could look like, one Chinese analyst claims to already know some hard details of the supposed device. Pan Jiutang — who has a pretty good track record when it comes to uncovering the details of Chinese OEMs’ plans — claims on Weibo that Huawei is indeed the maker of the next Nexus smartphone.

The analyst had more than just confirmation of its existence, though. The device will apparently sport a 5.7-inch Quad-HD display and be equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810.

That sounds about par for the course for a smartphone in 2015, though that spec sheet isn’t nearly long enough to satisfy our appetite. We’d expect the next big Nexus smartphone to be compatible with Google’s Project Fi at the least, and we can always expect it to be the catalyst for ushering in the next major version of Android (which recently leaked details revealed might be introduced at Google IO).

[via G for Games]

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  1. I hope this is the next nexus I wanpt to hop on project fi but don’t have the cash for a n6

  2. 5.7 inches? Damn son, I was hoping for a sub 5.3 inch display…

    1. It’s more so about the bezel and the width of the phone than anything. For Example, the iPhone 6+ has a 5.5 inch screen but is taller than the Nexus 6 with a 5.9 inch screen. The Nexus 6 is wider though.

      1. yeah that iPhone 6+ is HUGE when you compare it to my Nexus 6. its taller but the screen is .5 inches smaller….crazy

        1. Yea my LG g3 looks tiny compared to the 6+, with the same screen, that home button makes it 2 sizes larger it seems

      2. The size reporting on phones really needs be changed, especially as bezels in general are getting smaller and physical buttons disappearing. Include the physical dimensions and the diagonal alongside the screen diagonal. Maybe push on the team to do this?

        1. I think comparisons to the N6 would be sufficient as that’s the Google elephant in the room. After that everything is small IMO.

    2. A wish they’d give Sony a call. A sub 5″ screen with Sony hardware would be nice. Change the MP count tho.

  3. I was hoping for an LG variant….but I’ll take it either way. I love my Nexus 6 a lot. I really want a 4,000mAh battery this time around please. I did notice one thing that I am not liking seeing above, no front firing speakers?? This is one of the amazing things on my Nexus 6. I do love the size, mine is just a LITTLE too big….

    1. That is only a concept render, not indicative of what Huawei might actually introduce.

      1. good point…well i’ll be hopeful for some front facing speakers then

  4. Must Haves
    1. Dual Front Facing Speakers
    2. 128GB Internal Memory Option
    3. 13 megapixel Minimum with LOW-LIGHT capabilities
    4. Doesn’t heat up in palm of your hand during long-usage
    5. 4000Mah minimum Battery

    1. u and I are on the same page with must-haves! that is why I was hoping for LG to put out the next Nexus so we can get that G4’s camera!

    2. 6. Unicorn that craps your name in stars.

      1. I’m sure someone posted something similar to this a few years back when someone mentioned quad-core CPU’s in phones. =.3

    3. Not to mention by the time this launches, the 810 old.

      1. Sounds like the perfect choice for Huawei. Of course, the item that wasn’t on the list — “cheap” — would go right along with Huawei’s just-shy-of half-assed quality quite consistently.

      2. 820 won’t be in any 2015 launched phone and the 810 is plenty fast. Heck my Nexus 6 on Snapdragon 805 flies and it looks like I’ll be holding onto it for as long as the battery holds out. 5.7” is too small a screen for me.

    4. Do we have any flagships with 128GB or 4k batteries? I find those the toughest as we barely get 64 and 3k+.

      1. I wouldn’t mind another 3200 mAh battery life again like the one found inside the Nexus6, However, i wanted to see an improvement in battery life, which is why i said 4000mAh. and the reason why I mention 128GB, is because I know someone who jumped ship from Nexus to iPhone, simply because the iPhone offers 128GB internal memory.

      2. The S6 has an 128GB option, although not all carriers offer it. The iPhone also offers 128GB option. I haven’t seen a phone with a 4000mAh battery yet, but it wasn’t long ago that 3000mAh was unheard of.

    5. Low-light AND a decent MP’s? Are you waiting for the remake of the Samsung Memoir? Though, I liked the design of the phone.

      What? Samsung Galaxy Memoir? Oh snap!! I think Samsung can drag me back to them.

  5. They should at least make it a little smaller. 5.7 inches isn’t far from the 5.9 inch display on the Nexus 6.

    1. I would welcome the drop in size, as long as the actual body drops in size too

    2. It’s more so about the bezel and the width of the phone than anything.

      1. The N6 doesn’t have much bezel except on the top and bottom which accommodates for the front facing speakers. If Huawei does make the next Nexus and they stick with a 5.7 inch display, I can almost guarantee they will forgo the front facing speakers. They should drop the size down to 5.3 inches and keep the front facing speakers.

        1. I would be ok with that…I have grown to appreciate front facing speakers and have it on my “must have” list now. My list of next device is shrinking daily with every device coming out not having them =(

        2. Better yet, minimize the side bezels, throw on front facing speakers, and make the screen 6.1” in a slightly small body than the Nexus 6.

          1. I think it would be wiser for Google to keep closer to a 5 inch Nexus and a 6 inch Nexus, updating them on alternating years. That way they don’t shut out people who like smaller devices or vice versa.

      2. True true , w thin enough bezels they could make it a 5.9 with an excellent form factor. I’m not sure how I feel about 5.7 instead of staying 5.9 I didn’t get a nexus 6 this generation and was hoping for a updated specs n6. But whatever. ” forget it Jake, it’s China town “

      3. Removing the side bezels on the Nexus 5 and keeping the same aspect ratio and body width nets a max screen size of 5.25″.

        So anything over 5.25″ loses my business, and 4.9-5.25″ only gets my business if there isn’t something I want in the 4.7-4.9″ range.

        Not everyone with short fingers is content to give up single-handed operation.

      4. Not really, most phones have thin bezels now, there is no getting around 5.7″ is a huge phone even with a 1mm bezel. I want 5.0″ back from the Nexus 5 it was perfect.

        1. Hi again, Mr. Frodo.

    3. I was going to go the opposite and say bigger, and we need bigger screens in a smaller chassis.

      1. Amen! Shrink the bezels each year and make the screen .1” bigger in the same size body as Nexus 6!

      2. They have those already… their called tablets. The chassis can never be smaller than the screen.

  6. SD 810 huh.. Guess this will be a hot phone ;)

    1. dont you trust anyone, Qualcomm said this was made up ;)

    2. My M9 has only gotten a little bit hot one time, when I first got it and was installing tons of apps at once while web browsing and playing around with the settings. In normal use, it hasn’t gotten hot once. It’ll get a little warm under heavier use… no different than any other phone in existence.

  7. These are obviously fake because we know that the snapdragon 810 can’t handle QHD displays that is why HTC phone has 1080P display and the LG G4 uses the 808 not 810 for its QHD display.

    1. 808 has a weaker GPU than the 810 which is qualified to drive a QHD screen.

      1. Yes but the problem with the 810 is that it gets too hot even with a 1080P display imagine with a QHD. That is why samsung ditched the 810 on the galaxy S6.

    2. The 810 handles QHD just fine, and as Adam pointed out, the GPU in the 810 is more powerful than the 808 GPU.

      1. No the 810 gets too hot and CAN’T handle a QHD display. That is why Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony are not using the 810 with a QHD display in their latest smartphones.

        1. Unsubstantiated rumors. They said the M9 overheats… it doesn’t. They said the G Flex 2 overheats… it doesn’t. Until we see an actual QHD phone with an 810, all you have is rumors and speculation.

          1. This whole article is an “unsubstantiated rumor”. We won’t see an 810 with a QHD display because all the major OEMs already released or announced their flagships and the 820 is coming out around fall so there will be no high-end smartphone with a QHD and 810. There were definitely problems with the 810 that is the only explanation why Samsung and others stayed away from it.

  8. C’mon Google, wise up: Customers are NOT clamouring for every new device to push further and further into phablet territory! If the next round of Nexus devices fails to give any compact option, that’s the end of Nexus for me. (Z4 Compact maybe?)

    1. Its gone down in size compared to the nexus 6 which is 5.96 inches

      1. The Nexus 6 was never a phone in the first place. It was always a garishly large phablet that could not play the same role as a phone. The idea of a Huawei Nexus was supposed to be a Nexus that would take us back to the price point and pocketability of the Nexus 5 without sacrificing specs. A refusal to ever go back to hand-sized phones is just a betrayal of the customers.

        1. Funny because my Nexus 6 works a LOT like a phone for something that’s not a phone. Sorry it’s too much for you to handle though.

          1. If it’s so big that it’ll break the front pocket of my comfortable jeans then it’s not a phone in my books. I just want my next device after Nexus 5 to have modern high-end internals and be pocketable, and apparently nobody but Sony is even close to putting that into practice.

          2. I have a Nexus 6 and wear skinny jeans and have no problems. I even ride my bike everywhere with my phone in my pocket and don’t even notice it’s there.

          3. Must be nice to have so much room in your pocket :-)

          4. I tend to wear more loose-fitting jeans. My Nexus 7 (2013) can fit in my pockets. LoL!!

          5. I was going to say the same. Well some of us are more “gifted” than others so we are always wearing loose fitting pants.

          6. Sounds like your jeans aren’t comfortable at all. I fit my OPO into skinny jeans easily, and my phone is still more comfortable in pocket than my wallet.

          7. Agreed. I didn’t want a big phone and thought 4.7″ was the sweet spot. Now I think anything smaller than 5.5″ is a baby’s toy. Seriously, the Nexus 6 is a great size for a phone. Also, I use it almost exclusively one-handed and it’s not an issue.

        2. So was the iPhone 6+

        3. The Nexus 6 is a phone as always will be. Its easily manageable one handed and if you don’t like it don’t conpalin about it. The Moto X 2014 can be unlocked if you buy the PE so stop complaining about screen size. Its funny how screen size is the opposite of another “important” thing which bigger can be better. To me a big phone is more useful and easy to see especially when you need to browse the web. The very very small minorrty of people want small phones just look at the number of 5.5″+ phones that are sold each year compared to less than 5. Yes there are leas small phone choices but that’s a direct result of consumer demand. In short don’t complain and no one is forcing you to buy one so get over it and still trolling.

          1. “The very very small minorrty of people want small phones just look at
            the number of 5.5″+ phones that are sold each year compared to less than

            That’s basically circular logic. Vendors have largely STOPPED MAKING high-spec phones less than 5″. Even the iPhone 6 has so much wasted space that it may as well be bigger than a 5″ phone. People want to buy high-spec phones. So they’re buying what’s being made and a lot of them are not happy with how huge they are. When the iPhone 5S was still current, it was the last bastion of hope for people who still liked smaller phones and it sold *incredibly well* – now that’s deprecated too.

            “The Moto X 2014 can be unlocked if you buy the PE so stop complaining about screen size.” – This is 3 mm wider and 3 mm taller than my Nexus 5 which is already too big for me so no way.

            Listen I’m glad that you folks who like giant slabs in your pockets are happy, but there’s no sane reason that vendors should exclusively be targeting you. Screen size is one of the few specs where more does not always mean better! Resolution is also largely irrelevant above 1080p for phone-sized devices and just constitutes a waste of battery & processing speed.

        4. While I understand your point, I don’t think the size is the reason for low sales. I believe it’s the price.

          I was tempted to get one, but that price was NOT a Nexus price. Screen size was always complained about. As phones got slightly larger, there was always that one person that said, “they’ve gone too far”.

          People will get used to it. Beepers were fat and ugly. They were worn on the outside. Eventually if phones start getting too large, belt holsters may start becoming more of a norm.

          And you don’t think people been complaining about screen size? Where my nostalgic picture at. Ima spam this mofo. LoL!!

          But it proves a point. It was always reviewed on tech sites that the screen *may* be too large.

        5. Maybe to “you” however to “me” and many others … We love this new trend . once you rock a large display for your phone. Your not going back. Have a one plus one now , and still own a Nexus 5 , it seems so little now. Google make large displays people will still buy them !

  9. No one is “dreaming” of a Huawei Nexus. Id prefer they give the Nexus back to best hardware and software company in the business right now, HTC.

    1. Nexus 9 owners would say otherwise.

      1. Yeah, not to mention that the Nexus 4 and 5 were the best Nexus devices ever made (The Nexus 5 being my quality and design benchmark for all future phones). .

        1. ^^^^Agreed^^^^ The Nexus 5 is still the best there is

      2. Yeah my Nexus 9 has been full of issues which makes me miss my Nexus 7 2013

      3. Well HTC stop making tablets for a reason…

  10. Battery life is going to be amazing on this phone.

  11. I’m just going to assume it’s too much to ask for a removable battery.

    1. Yes, yes it is.

  12. I’d prefer to see Oppo make the next device more than anyone. There design team is one of the best and there overall build sites and quality seem to be top notch.

    Just my .02

  13. 5.7″ no I don’t want a tablet phone. Wake me up when it has a 4.7″.

    1. I’ll accept 5″

    2. You better go into hibernation forever then.

    3. Sony xperia z4 compact is rumored to be announced next week!

  14. 5.7?!?!?!?! Arrrrrrgh!

    *flips table*

    1. I hear you brother! Way too small! 6.1” or bigger!

  15. Why shrink the screen size?

    1. Because unfortunately that was one of the main reasons besides price the nexus 6 didn’t sell nearly as well as it’s predisesors

      1. Unfortunately indeed. .. 5.7 isn’t horrible though and still .2 larger than a oppo screen. You must be moving that display on that thing though :)

      2. How do you know this?

        1. Know what exactly? The low sales of the nexus 6? Or why people didn’t like it like they did the nexus 5?

          1. How do you know that screen size has affected sales of the Nexus 6?

          2. Maybe because as soon as they announced the screen size people all over the Web who enjoy owning nexus devices said they wouldn’t be buying it. Are you trying to sound like a moron? I mean I own a nexus 6 and am actually enjoying this device although many people don’t like bigger screens. Is that hard for you to believe?

          3. No. And even from the article you posted, it stated that the price seemed to be the main thing. LoL!!

            I highly doubt the size was an issue.

          4. I never said price didn’t affect it. I clearly stated that was “one” of the reasons. Plus the size probably also had something to do with with the price raise! Hmmmmm

          5. All that power. I’m going to blame work today for my lack of mental capabilities. LoL!!

          6. Don’t worry I can see from your profile picture you must spend a lot of time sleeping so it’s understandable that you wouldn’t know what’s going on. I’ll let it slide this time

          7. I feel like I don’t any more. I hopped on like 10 minutes before leaving this stressful day. I’m honestly just skimming the comments and looking for keywords. ._.

          8. Wow… name calling. You’re such an internet warrior. I was trying to show you that you can’t assume to know the reason for poor sales. Just because a few people online (yes they are small compared to the people who buy phones) said they wouldn’t buy it, doesn’t mean anything.

            People buy big phones. Look at the iPhone 6+, and the Galaxy Note series.

            The people who buy Nexus devices aren’t simply Android purists…

            Well since you are obviously a child, I will refrain from paying any more attention to you.

          9. Well I’m sorry you took that as an insult I seriously couldn’t tell if you were being honest or just trolling because you weren’t explaining why you disagreed or were asking me. Look through this entire comment section and let me know what people are saying about the size of the phone screen. And trust me no assumptions I know at least 4 people who own strictly nexus devices and never upgraded from the 5 because of how big the 6 was. I’m not saying I’m right and I’m not saying your right.

          10. Just have to ask, why is it so hard for you to believe that screen/phone size wouldn’t have an affect on phone sales?

          11. It’s almost like asking if the invite system affected the sales of the oneplus. Don’t ask stupid questions that you already know the answers to.

      3. Size was an issue since 4 inch screens first came out. I doubt the size was a huge factor.

        1. So your saying 80 to 90 percent of the profiles going onto the many different android sites I follow regularly and go onto the comment sections to complain about phones with a screen size bigger than 5″ are all fake? Or that many of them own big phones but like to complain about them?

          1. The people who are complaining about screen size are the people who know what processor is in their phone.

            If you take that amount of people and compare it to those that are buying phones and cares less about things we do, you’ll see we are just a minority compared to them.

            For example, the M7 was reviewed as one of the best phones for that year. Sales say otherwise.

          2. Good point

    2. You don’t get it? It’s the Nexus 7? The 5.7? There’s still a 7.

      And I bet my last mint candy that the next Nexus is going to have a 5.8 inch screen. LoL!!

  16. Already intrigued by processor and potential Google Fi availability. For me, after speed and camera quality size rules. Use a 4.7″ as my daily driver but my G2’s 5.2″ is just the right one-handed fit for me. Always a personal matter with display size.

  17. Hope this isn’t it. I skipped the Nexus 6 because of the screen size, this isn’t much of an improvement. The N5 is the right size, I wouldn’t be unhappy with a 5.2″ screen but 5.7 is still to large.

    1. there should instead be 2 sizes of the Nexus… similar to the iPhone 6/6 Plus..

    2. Is it the screen size or the phone size? There are many 5 inch phones out there, but the actual dimensions of them vary by noticeable amounts.

      1. If you could fit a 6 inch screen into the same dimensions as an N5 or M9 or S6, I’d buy, but that’s physically impossible.

    3. the market disagrees.,

      1. You keep saying that, but I’d challenge you to point us to any statistics showing phones over 5.5″ outselling phones from 5-5.5″ inches.

    4. The market agrees.

      The marketing departments disagree,

  18. I’m already satisfied, but if it’s a fall release we need the next top processor. I really hope it’s affordable considering the manufacturer. I’m glad the screen is over 5.5″, I’m not downgrading from that since I was spoiled with my OPO.

  19. Why make a device so close to the Nexus 6? Even if it’s less expensive, it’s still too big.

    1. the market disagrees.

      1. Does it though? For example the Galaxy S series sells several times as many phones as the Galaxy Note series. The N4 and N5 were far more popular than the N6. When I was last in Best Buy, lots of people (myself included) were checking out the S6 and M9, nobody was looking at the Note 4 or the N6 (or any other phablet on display).

        1. Interesting… I see a lot more people wanting the Note phones than the S-Series phone.

          And no one wants an HTC, that I know. ._.

          1. Well now you know one… I just got the M9 last weekend.

        2. And those devices are huge because of the bezel

          A properly designed 5.5-6.0 inch phone would be preferred by the market compared to a poorly designed 5.0 inch phone that ends up being larger than the 5.5-6.0 inch categories.

      2. Whut? Are phablets outselling phones smaller than 5.3 inches?

        Don’t forget to include the regular iphone in your numbers !

    2. Don’t buy it then

    3. My guess is this time around Google will do it right and cover all bases with two Nexus devices. A smaller 5.2-5.5″ screen Nexus with minimal bezels and also a larger 5.7-6″ Nexus Phablet for those who like it big. That was the hope the last time…and it seemed that was what they were gunning for, but some one who think they knew what the masses wanted went extra large and put off many Nexus fans. NOT THIS TIME..SO WE HOPE. They should just make sure both devices come with top of the line 2015 specs with a HUMONGOUS BATTERY (battery battery battery is the key word).

    4. Too big for who? You with the girly hands?

    5. N6 size is perfect to me

  20. Ima need this foolishery to stop. 5.7? They think they really slick? The 7th Nexus device? 5.7 inch screen? Nah!! I saw right through them. LoL!!

    1. It will probably just be “Google Nexus” 2015 or something

  21. Seriously…why so fu**in big?? I want to buy a nexus..please give us a smaller option. I hate the size. HATE

    1. Then go buy a galaxy alpha or moto x , HTC m9, s6, me personally? I love “phablets” LOVE.

      1. Yeah but those are not a nexus. I want a nexus that finally has a good camera and a decent size. they should at least make 2 sizes

        1. Whaaaa whaaaa whaaaa.

          1. it’s my party I can cry if I want to

        2. I agree. A large and a smaller Nexus phone would seem to be a good strategy. Anyone who usually carries a 7-9″ tablet would do better with a 5″ phone than 6. Those who want to carry just one device would opt for the larger version.

          Now if only Google would stop crippling Nexus devices by removing SlimPort (hdmi-out, no network needed)) and USB-OTG. Putting a micro-SD card in would make them even more useful as media players.

        3. I’ll give you that : there seems to be a market for both a phablet and a 4.9-5.2 device as well. They’d grab more market share if they satisfied both groups.

        4. It is basically hard to please everyone. Some want a very basic and inexpensive Nexus… other people want a state of the art phablet. Some for some reason won’t allow Google Nexus phones to move beyond an inexpensive device with a poor camera… all for the sake of having a very low price. What would be nice is if we could install stock android on any device and not be locked to a version of Android with so much layering and extra stuff such that it makes it gimicky and slow.

          1. Now that, sir, is something I can get behind

  22. 5.7 inch?


  23. At least it’s a bit smaller. I can do 5.7 as long as the bezels are minimal. The current Nexus is just too big.

  24. The Nexus 6 didn’t perform well, so hopefully they get the gist that the phone was too big.

    1. It was the price, not the size that doomed the N6

      1. Imo, it was both. If the N6 would have been $400, it still wouldn’t have sold well. It’s way too big.

        1. I like the size of the phone. I agree it’s impossible to use one handed but everything else about the phone is great.

          It really matters what your looking for in a phone.

          1. To each his own. I am a big guy with big hands and it’s still too big for me. I prefer a phone I can use with one hand.

      2. I would like to see some statistics on this. I passed on it because it was too damn big. If I really wanted a phone that big, I would’ve bought a Note 4 anyway, because it shits all over the N6.

    2. What makes you think the N6 didn’t perform well?

        1. You said it didn’t perform well. Then you said it didn’t sell because it was too expensive. Huh?

          I have no performance issues with my Nexus 6. I can see the cost possibly eating into some sales but when you lease it’s the same cost as the samsung products if not cheaper.

          1. When I spoke of performance, I wasn’t speaking of the phone’s performance, I was talking about the phones sales performance. As far as the cost, I don’t see it as an issue because all 4 major carriers carry it for a subsidized rate. Imo, it was the size of the phone that mostly contributed to the lack of sales.

    3. Yea for some reason Samsung and Apple and most other phone makers are allowed to create state of the art phones… all except Google and its Nexus devices. Glad this rule didn’t apply to Phablets. Otherwise we’d be saying things such as “Apple can’t create a Phablet because their previous phones were not Phablets”… or any other vendor. Glad we aren’t locking other vendors to a specific price point or we’d be really shutting down the progress of technology in regard to phones.

  25. Snapdragon 810 isn’t that appealing, after all the news about it being bad has been floating around. Also, if it is 5.7 inches but the bezels are really slim (G4 style) then it may not be that bad

  26. I’d love to see the next Nexus look just like this render…and I’d have to agree that it does look more like something from the LG G3-G4 series, which to me is how the perfect 5″-5.7″ phone should look like…minimum bezels all the way around! Beautiful!

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