May 8th, 2015

samsung gear vr for s6

Samsung told us the Gear VR for their Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge would be available today, and sure enough you can go ahead and buy one. The virtual reality headset is available to buy online for $200. Unfortunately you won’t be able to head into Best Buy stores to buy it in person until May 15th, though waiting another week for the convenience of doing so hardly seems unfair.

The Samsung Gear VR for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge shouldn’t be all that dissimilar to the version we reviewed for the Galaxy Note 4 back in 2014. It’ll allow you to drop your phone in, slap it to your face and view videos and play games in virtual reality 3D goodness.

Samsung has been building a library of content fit for the headset which you can find within the Samsung Apps Store and Samsung’s Milk VR app. You can also view 360-degree videos on YouTube, an experience that’s absolutely nuts if you haven’t already tried it. Add to those facts that Samsung is teaming up with one of the leaders in consumer VR tech — Oculus Rift — and we’d have a hard time finding any reason not to buy one.

Unfortunately consumer-grade virtual reality is still in its infancy (which explains why they still call these things “Innovator Editions”) so there won’t be a huge repository of content waiting for you once you get it in your hands. That said, it’s always nice being on the cutting edge and being able to take it all in while it’s happening. Grab it from whichever source you prefer using the links ahead.

Samsung Gear VR for S6 and S6 Edge at Best Buy

Samsung Gear VR for S6 and S6 Edge at