Report: Samsung working on a big camera update for Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Camera DSC09314

We touched on how good Samsung’s latest camera goods are in our Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge review, but the company apparently feels they could do more. SamMobile has it on good authority that Samsung is prepping a swath of new camera features that will come as part of the widespread Android 5.1.1 update that accidentally reached some T-Mobile handsets.

While we’re not exactly sure what to expect from the update at this moment, it’s not at all out of the ordinary to suggest Samsung will look to introduce advanced options such as the ability to shoot photos in RAW, adjust shutter speed and other changes that are possible thanks to the latest camera APIs by Google.

We’ve seen those types of features in the HTC One M9 (after an update) and will be part of the LG G4 at launch, so Samsung surely won’t allow their flagship phones to be left out of the fun. There could be more on tap, such as new shooting modes and plugins, but we’ll have to wait until the upgrade is ready before we figure out what, exactly, the company has in store.

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  1. Slow shutter speed control or any sort of shutter speed control, with RAW. SOUP
    Would be quite useful

  2. How about fixing the multitasking so it actually uses it’s 3GB RAM to keep apps open?

  3. Maybe HTC should be working on a big camera update

    1. Like the one Anandtech reviewed with the M9 set at ISO 1500, the competition to 200 and independently discovered that the M9 didn’t look as good? :D

  4. Maybe they can also release an update for the Note 4 to speed things up. Even after a factory ID reset this thing still crawls.

    1. Agreed! As a first time Samsung owner, I’m blown away by how much lag this thing (Note 4) has. Clearly TouchWiz is every bit as bad as I was told, and it definitely makes me miss Sense.

      I really hope they update the Note 4’s TouchWiz version to match the S6’s.

    2. My note 4 on Verizon flies! I have no “LAG” what so ever!!!!!!!!

      1. im with you…zero lag..it flies..i put nova over top…no TW for me…

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