Motorola now offering Moto X (2nd Gen) 32GB for $350, 64GB for $375 [DEALS]


Motorola Moto X sale

It’s that time. Yesterday we told you guys about special 1-day promo Motorola was throwing for the Moto X (2nd Gen) and right now you can grab one for up to $225 off. The deal is live on their site and all you have to do is custom build your own to enjoy the discount.

They’re even knocking $25 off an upgrade to the 64GB Moto X (2nd Gen) which can be had for only $375 (Pure Edition and Net10 versions only). If that’s a little too steep, there’s always the 32GB version for $350. Again, that’s not a bad deal for a pocketable — yet fully capable — 5-inch phone. Especially considering the Nexus 5 has already been discontinued.

The deal ends tomorrow, May 6th at 10:59AM (CT) so you still have a little bit of time to mull it over. Hit up the link below to start personalizing your own custom Moto X.

Build yours: Motorola Moto X

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  1. This doesn’t have full TMO bands does it? :(

    1. Tmo is migrating that band, so… you shouldn’t worry *too* much, but yea… Who’s to say they’ve migrated that band in your area?

      I do know my Tmo signal is acting up near Memorial Mall in Houston. Means they’re updating their network. Last time this happened, when it resolved, my reception was better.

      1. Is the unlocked version only missing one band from TMO? Or more than one?

        1. I believe it’s the 1700Mhz band that’s unique to Tmo. Both AT&T and Tmo use the 1900Mhz band; international phones use these same bands as well.

          If you’re on AT&T, you have no problem. Tmo is working on changing the 1700Mhz to 1900Mhz(known as refarmed areas).

          So if the phone has the 1700Mhz, you should be good. Just make sure it has LTE. LoL!!

  2. In the beginning of the sale, there seems to be a bug that the price remains the same with leather back. It was quickly adjusted within 5 minutes tho, ahah
    Could have gotten a free leather back upgrade!

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