Google Play Services 7.3 allows multiple Android Wear devices to connect to a single phone


Google Play ServicesGoogle has just announced a forthcoming upgrade to Google Play Services. It’s version 7.3, and while most of the changes are specific to developers — such as more robust Location APIs and enhancements to Google Fit’s APIs — there’s one neat future everyone should know about.

According to Google, the update will make it possible for multiple Android Wear devices to connect and sync to a single Android device. This means it won’t be much of an issue for users to switch between smart watches at ease. We’re not sure what sort of baller you’d have to be in order to own multiple Android Wear devices that you regularly switch between, but if you ever find yourself in that scenario then you’ll be glad this functionality is here.

Developers can grab the SDK right now by accepting the latest update, and it shan’t be long before the functionality arrives to handsets everywhere.

[via Google]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Being able to switch which phone the watch is connected to w/o resetting would be a more widely sought function,I would think.
    I don’t even know of anyone who owns a smartwatch at all,much less multiple Android Wear devices………………………

    1. I do. But you still don’t know me

      1. OK,YOU WIN………………………

    2. With my use of a Moto 360, all it takes is turning off bluetooth on my phone(or tablet). I turn Bluetooth off on my phone and I can connect it to my tablet with Bluetooth. No different with any other bluetooth device

      Is that what you’re saying?

      1. Yeah,I’ve tried that & when I switch from one phone to another,I’m prompted by the watch (LG G Watch) to perform a reset.

        Same thing w/Samsung Tizen-powered watches as well (Gear/Gear2/Gera Fit).

    3. This is really more for developers, but still a cool user facing change.

    4. Has anyone ever had really high battery drain from Google Play Services on KitKat on the Nexus 5? Never had this problem the first time I had Cyanogenmod 11 KitKat about 6 months ago but now it’s going crazy.

  2. My Google Play Services version is already 7.3. I don’t understand

    1. The source link leads to an Android article that was made today. The only thing I can assume is Google Play Services updated on it’s own prior to you reading this.

      Unless… you’ve noticed it was 7.3 already.

      1. Play Services 7.3 has been rolling out over the past couple weeks. Most likely the rollout is nearing completion or is now complete, so now the Googs is telling developers what they can now do with their apps.

      2. No, I checked moments ago. But the app didn’t update recently, I would know since I do it manually

  3. That location batch system seems interesting, does that mean Google now, waze, maps, snapchat,etc that are all hitting location regularly will instead sync up to save battery? That could give me some neighborhood extra juice

  4. Crazy theory time!

    What if the new version of Glass is running Android Wear? When AW was announced, they made a point of saying that it supported form factors other than watches. Makes sense if you ask me so they have fewer variants to maintain. If they’re gearing up for an announcement at I/O, users are going to want people to have their Glass 2.0 and their smartwatches connected to their phones.

    Even Crazier theory time!

    What if Glass v2 is designed to work in tandem with other wear devices? They could make Glass smaller if it was just a display/camera and the voice commands were given to your watch.

    These are really just my dreams.

  5. Sweet so now I can pair my moto 360 and the successor to my phone at the same time.

  6. Where is the tge apk

  7. I’m on 7.3.29 currently, I saw this when my 360 massively crashed

    Now I’m thinking THIS is what killed my 360! I posted about it on the forums, but if anyone encounters constant crashes on their 360 for gapps and Google Play Services, don’t bother with phone software, I only fixed it by resetting my 360. I lost a lot of settings that way, but it worked again.

  8. Useful for me at least. There are times when I’ve used my G Watch R during the day and then worn the Moto 360 overnight for sleep tracking and previously I connected the LG device to a phone and the Motorola to a tablet.

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