Camera experts say the Samsung Galaxy S6 has the best smartphone camera ever


Samsung Galaxy S6 DSC09411

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has a damn fine camera. You’ve heard us sing our praises for it in our review of the phone. But what about camera experts who professionally analyze these things?

DXOMark is one such outlet, and in their latest analysis they’ve determined that the Samsung Galaxy S6 (and Edge) has the best smartphone camera ever. The device edged out the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 from last year, though we’re sure Samsung doesn’t mind their latest flagship beating out another one of their heavy hitters.

DXOMark gave the camera an 86 out of 100, where the final score is comprised of an average of separate scores for both photo and video quality. For photo, the Samsung Galaxy S6 scored 90 or higher in areas of exposure and contrast, autofocus capabilities and its ability to accurately capture the texture of a subject. It also got high marks in color, noise and flash. Artifacts is the only questionable score at 79.

Video performance was a tad worse overall, but not low enough that Samsung should feel ashamed. It’s especially strong in areas of auto focus and noise reduction, and performed well in exposure and contrast, texture and artifacts. Stabilization was a lowly 59, which is a bit of a bummer.

You can read DXOMark’s full notes and review right here if you’re interested, and if the camera is a major point of emphasis in your smartphone purchasing decision then we’d say you’ll have nothing to worry about.

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  1. You have to give then their props this year, they brought their A game

    1. Their “A game”? Calm down. =.P

      It’s just their camera, which has always genuinely been good. I would expect Samsung to have the best camera, actually.

      This doesn’t surprise me at all.

      1. Don’t forget wireless charging (PMA and Qi), Adaptive Fast Charging and Quick Charge 2.0 compatibility, unbelievable 2K AMOLED display, loud speaker, and premium build. Yeah…. I’d say they definitely brought their A game.

        1. Huh. Weird timing for this article and your proclamation
          of love for the S6 given what was announced earlier today.

          1. Yeah, announced. Ugly leather back, nothing known about the camera quality.

          2. Leather back is optional, don’t like it, don’t get it.

            And the G4 camera is not a total unknown –


          3. he can say he was unbiased all he wants in that review. There is no way he was going to say anything bad. He was obviously really involved with LG. I’ll wait for the more unbiased reviews once the phone is actually launched. However, I do think it will be a top contender

          4. I think it was more of a demo than a review but that’s just me.

            And frankly – I don’t think any reviewer is truly independent when you think about it.

        2. Too bad they didn’t bring their SD slot and removeable battery.

  2. Seriously best camera in any smartphone so far. Photos look great on Monitor/TV too. Colour balance is spot on this time round. Well done Samsung

  3. Can confirm. Photos are pretty effing ridiculous (in a good way).

  4. Wanted an android point and click.. Got it. Love this phone

  5. WTF? Without even testing the G4 that was only announced – and not even released – today? I look forward to the rereview when the G4 hits the streets. If it is what they say, great. If not and the G4 moves ahead, it should be noted. On paper, and specs, that G4 camera seems much better.

  6. Too Bad the G4 just dethrowned them…

    1. G4 is shaping up to be pretty damn sick!

    2. Really? Where are the pictures to prove that? Shut up

      1. There aren’t any photos yet, but judging by the aperture, as well as the pro controls. It’ll be pretty difficult for it to be a worse camera. And by the way no need for the harsh words. ;) now gtfoh lol

        1. The lowlight shots shown by LG themselves, show the S6 as having the better pics in that situation. The S6 has pro controls. Lower aperture does not mean better pics. That’s like saying higher megapixel means better pics. There comes a point where diminishing returns come into play.

          1. Yes, a lot of what you say is true, but at the end of the day it all depends on whose using the camera. As a side note although the s6 has pro controls, the g4 has more. To be honest with you I’m not getting either phone. I’m waiting for the Note 5.

          2. Don’t tell him the G4 has “more” controls as he will tell you “There comes a point where diminishing returns come into play”.

            On paper, the G4 is a better camera with better attributes beyond just the beauty of an f1.8. OIS 2 is a bump up as well.

          3. But it does not mean an f1.8 is that point.

          4. The lowlight shots shown by LG, clearly show that 1.8 is beyond that point. The S6 looked much better in their comparison.

          5. Wait what? Did you watch the video? I did not see a better looking S6 photo at all. I saw a truer nicer shot in low light with the G4 and a truer yellow and nicer colors & not as grainy and not as dark. Not sure what you saw and where? I am talking about in the Phandroid vids.

            EDIT: http://phandroid.com/2015/04/28/lg-g4-camera-demo-low-light-color-sensor/

          6. Yeah, I saw that. The G4 has blown out colors.

          7. LOL… ok. We can agree to move on.

  7. Was it really worth running this story when one of the major features of the G4 was going to be it’s camera? From what Ibe read, it beats everything else including the S6 and the iPhone6.

    1. From what you have read. You have not seen. Stop being a silly fanboy.

      1. I read various reviews and have seen numerous photos and videos shot on the G4 both by amateurs and professionals. It would seem from your numerous replies you have some personal axe to grind that flies in the face of more rational reason and discussion.

        1. My only axe to grind is against silly LG fanboys / Samsung haters.

          1. Ahhh.. so now we know where all of YOUR clear hate and angst comes from. I am a LONG time Samsung user: S3, S4, S5 and I am jumping ship. I see a better phone, I am moving on. Allegiance to any one brand proves nothing but an inability to see beyond your own opinions when something nicer might be staring you right in the face.

          2. Here here, been with Sammy since the s1 pos… Moved on to note 1, 2, and now 3..I to love a removable battery and SD… But most of all the finality of moving away from a home button… Loved my buddies g3 in that regard.. Time to move on here as well.. Can’t wait to try this beast..

          3. FYI info my current phone is a Note 3. Before that I had a Note and a Note 2. I also briefly had an S3 and S4 – before those I had an HTC Hero, and the original Nexus. I have never owned an LG so can hardly be a fanboy!

            I like a decent camera, I like a removable battery, I like a card slot, I like a large screen and I don’t like regional sim locking – Hence, for a number of reasons, I am likely moving away from Samsung/

      2. You use what you have read and seen to your advantage to make a point, others cannot?

    2. From what you’ve read heh? Try real world comparison first before ulyou start shooting those lips. Remember that’s always the case with lg, spec sounds good but performance is average.

  8. This cam is truly amazing. I’m still blown away at the quality of the images.

  9. pictures do look good on the S6, screen is amazing too!

  10. I want to see how DXOMark rates the G4. I am sure the s6 camera is the best camera out today, but once G4 hits that could change. I would love to see LG beat Sammy down in camera tests! Having said that I was blown away at quality of sammy s4 and its still going strong. Not s6 strong but samsung does make nice cameras. Bad battery life reports on s6 and no SD card make it a tough sell in my book. My next phone has to go all day with medium use, which I dont think s6 can do. If it did ide be ok with it based on camera samples iv’e seen. Here’s to the G4 being my huckleberry.

    1. the S6 is fine with medium use. I get 15-20 hrs everyday with mine. I usually get about 3-3.5 SOT (I don’t use regular power saver mode because I like my screen brighter). But you can get even more if you don’t play games. My wife just texts and facebook (indoors not outdoors where screen needs to be very bright) and she will get almost 5 hrs of screen time. People are over exaggerating the battery being bad. It is better than my Moto X 2nd gen was.

  11. Will be interesting to see their review of the G4, I really like what LG did this year but G4 is a phablet and just a little on the large size for me. I owned the G3 and that was the reason I sold it.

  12. One of the important things you need to check when looking for the best smartphone is its camera. We are now in the world of photography and having the best smartphone camera is heaven sent! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.crittermap.watchface.moonface

  13. I’m sure the G4 will over take Samsung in the camera department, not to mention the memory dept…. But the major major question is, how will the G4 perform in daily usage such as software and battery life,

    1. Woah there buddy… let’s slow it down some. The G4 isn’t even out yet. However, this guy got early access to it and he compared some of its pictures to the S6. From what I’ve seen so far, the S6 looks better.


      1. Hardly a scientific comparison. It’s also just one dude’s initial impression on full-auto. It should also be noted that the G4’s bokeh clearly outperforms the S6 in that outdoor shot, but it does look a touch overexposed compared to the S6’s outdoor shot. This could be due to slightly different framing (favoring the S6) and matrix metering affecting exposure.

        The S6’s indoor shot is a bit too warm and over saturated if you ask me. G4’s looks more natural. THat color spectrum sensor hard at work.

        1. I’m not talking about scientific comparisons; I’m talking real life performance. And in real life, at least to me, the S6 looked better. Sure you can adjust settings on both (more so with LG), but this dude was just taking pics straight up like most people will.

  14. I upgraded to the S6 , it’s really awesome… Stunning photos

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