Is Google unveiling their wireless service today?



Google hasn’t been shy enough not to reveal that they’ve been working on launching a wireless service, but the company has understandably been a bit hush on the details. But if the Wall Street Journal’s information is accurate we could be seeing Google’s first unveiling as soon as today.

Previous rumors and information suggest Google will enlist T-Mobile and Sprint for the airwaves necessary for wireless service, though it won’t be your typical MVNO experience. We’re told to expect innovative cellular capabilities such as the ability to seamlessly hop from one network type to the next without any hiccups, and for the phone to automatically detect which network performs better in any given area. Leveraging WiFi calling will also be an area of focus for Google.

More details about the service leaked earlier this month thanks to the revelation of an app called “Project Fi.” It told of wireless service that could be switched between multiple different devices without switching SIM cards, data buckets where you only pay for the exact amount of data you use, the ability to opt-out of cellular data sharing and other cool features that most carriers have yet to explore.

It’s important to remember that Google’s not expecting to become king of wireless overnight with this move. Their desire is to help push cellular technology forward much in the same way that they’re doing for cars and broadband landline internet here in the United States. Good on them to think about the greater good, we’d say, and we can’t wait to see what exactly they have planned for its supposed launch later this year.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. pay my early termination fee from AT&T and take my money

    1. Why aren’t you already on T-Mobile?

      1. because i know better. they do not have good coverage here in the Tampa Bay area….this is knowledge from me being with them for 3 years. My mom just switched to AT&T from them too because of the spotty coverage. I’m aware they have amazing coverage in a lot of areas….just not here.

        1. Not gould coverage where I live as well. It is as simple as that. Prices are great, paying termination fees is great, going after the big guys is great, poor coverage kills it all.

          1. yeah its such a hard argument anymore though since I know they actually beat out VZW or AT&T in some areas….where are these areas you ask?? I dont know…I just know they are out there! haha gotta cover my bases on all responses or people jump on you like a friggin banshee

        2. How About Sprint? If their coverage is bad too then Google wireless might not be for you.

    2. They will definitely take your money. Did you see the pricing plan?

      1. I was just reading about it, seems competitive but beatable by others, no?

        1. I guess it’s okay if you use very little data but $10 per GB? I stream Netflix while at the gym doing cardio. I use up to 30 GB a month. This isn’t an option for me.

          1. jesus and I thought I used a lot. I just tipped over 6 gigs….its getting easier now to fly over gigs fast. I thought they were going to go the “unlimited” route to make a huge wave. sigh, this is not worth me switching and I have the Nexus 6.

  2. Here’s the reason I bought the Nexus 6, hopefully its a full rollout across the US and not staged.

  3. very interesting

  4. I have a Nexus 6 and I welcome my Google overlord!

  5. Your device hopping from lte to one WiFi signal to another WiFi signal, back to lte depending on what’s stronger at the moment, without you even aware it’s switching? That’s exactly how devices operate in South Korea. The only difference, in Korea they use lte+, wish I’d 4x as fast as lte-a.

    1. Killing your battery in the process

  6. My concern here is the WiFi piece. Every phone I have had tends to switch over to a remembered WiFi network no matter how weak or overtaxed. Because I’m in an area with a lot of Optimum hotspots, I often have to disable WiFi when in public because it latches onto a a slow WiFi connection. WiFi calling is also a pain when in a moving car.

    1. Lollipop takes care of that by using cellular data when connected to weak WiFi.

      1. Unless you’re on ATT

  7. Sprint and TMobile suck in my area for coverage. So to bad for me. BUT I love that they are doing this. I love that it will be freaking out the other guys. I love that they are shaking up the old conventions of how providers charge. Just like they are doing in the cable world and the few crap monopoly cable providers are freaking out and changing their ways to keep up and not lose customers and are suddenly finding out that they can find speed they claimed they never had and charge less for it which they said couldn’t be done. Even if I cannot use this, only good things will come from this for everyone. This is a prime example of why I love Google.

    (Now we need someone in the airline industry to step up and shake s**** up.)

  8. If It’s pleasant enough, I’ll be picking up a Nexus 6 in he next few days

    1. Do It , I Bought it the day it came out, and I am very happy with all aspects of the phone ……..IE ..Build Quality , Battery Life , Camera , and well I could go on and on , but you get my point , it’s a purchase you won’t forget and now that it’s a few mnth’s old I’ve seen it on craigslist for 600 to 650 a steal in my opinion ……………..Peace

  9. Nexus 6 is overrated

    1. Thats what I thought for several months. But after trading up my M8 for an N6 I couldn’t be more happy. Its really a fantastic device. I love everything from the design, performance, multitasking, huge screen size… everything I pretty much need.

    2. Not overrated, but oversized.

  10. So what about the reports that they’re charging by the Gb? When carriers do this and eliminate unlimited plans, everyone complains. Can’t suddenly start saying it’s OK for Google.

  11. I’m curious to see how their pricing will stack up against Republic Wireless (my current provider) and Ting(my previous provider).

    1. I’m with you. I’m also currently with Republic Wireless, but I have 1 problem with Republic that’s no Hotspots or tethering so I’ve been anxious about Google’s announcement

      1. Agreed, No tethering is my biggest complaint with Republic Wireless. I understand their position on it, but for most users I don’t think it would make a big impact on data usage. We chose Republic for a reason and won’t be using tons of data just because we can tether. Maybe after they do their testing for rebates on data usage in May they will consider allowing tethering.

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