The Galaxy S6 is here, but does it have what it takes to top our Best Android Phones list?


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We have no qualms in saying we love the Samsung Galaxy S6. You need only check out our full review of Samsung’s latest smartphone to see why. But we love the HTC One M9, too (as you will see in our review of that device, as well). Needless to say, when the Phandroid staff put our heads together to rank the best Android phones currently on the market, agreeing on who would hold the top spot wasn’t easy.

Did HTC’s decision to stick with the premium build that won them accolades with last year’s One M8 hurt the case of the One M9? Did Samsung sway us with a sweeping redesign of their flagship Galaxy handset? What about the dark horse, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge? Those devices were easy choices for the top three spots on our list, but if you want to know their final order you’ll have to head over and see for yourself.

Things are bound to only get more complicated come next month with the launch of the LG G4, the manufacturers answer to Samsung and HTC’s 2015 workhorses. We have a rundown of what to expect along with our complete roundup of top Android smartphones, rumored, and upcoming devices. Visit our Android phone guide for the whole shebang.

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  1. I am still personally rocking a Note 3 since the Note 4 was not a worthy upgrade for me. I am waiting to see what they do with the Note 5 if they remove both the removable battery and the SD slot then I am pretty much done with Samsung. Will have to see what else is out around that time to see who will be getting my business.

    1. Agreed

    2. I’m exactly the same, but I’m rocking the Note 2, as ICS’s lack of file/folder support was a deal-breaker for this power-user.

      The Note 5 has to really sell itself to me, though. They need to put in better battery life, better/cheaper/widespread simultaneous hdmi/usb/charging support (30-60 fps, usb peripheral support, etc), plus get some sort of brilliant gaming chip in the ruddy thing, too.

  2. Before anything is said and done, we NEED to see the G4 as on paper, IMHO, it beats the S6 line.

    1. I would almost agree except I just feel it’s too big, assuming it’s the same size as the G3 or bigger. I know, to each his own on that, but I think the S6 is just about the perfect size… though I’d gladly allow them an extra millimeter for some additional battery capacity!

      1. Well, they do hook you up with a much bigger battery than the S6 (3000 versus 2550ish) AND it is removable.

        1. This is true. Though now that I’m figuring it out I’m getting a day and 3-4 hours SOT on my S6, so we’ll have to see if the trade-off is worth it. G4 will be a beast either way, no doubt.

          1. Well, I will report back on battery because as I currently stand, I plan to buy the G4 the day of release (if on VZW). I “was” going to buy an S6 until, while at Verizon deciding on edge or standard, I saw the microsite leak on the G4 while testing Chrome. I walked out of Verizon with no S6.

    2. maybe so, but it is a phablet. It is bigger than last years phone and screen is still 5.5″. I had the G3, great phone but just a tad to big for me and this one is bigger so no sale for me.

      1. Yeah, it is bigger by a whopping 2.8mm.

        1. correct, but still bigger. I got rid of the original because it was just a tad to big. So another “tad” won’t help LOL. And trust me, mm’s make a difference. The S5 and M8 were only mm’s apart but the difference was noticable when you held them. M8 felt so much more narrow.

    3. Micro SD and that removable battery really does make it look more attractive than the S6. Good for LG, that’s awesome they kept it on the G4.

  3. Coming from an M8, been using the S6 Edge now for about 48 hours and I think it a great phone so far. The only shortcoming is battery life and if you disable VoLTE (bug?) the battery life becomes acceptable. Right now I have wireless charging pads at work, and at home but I will be on the road next week. We will see how it fairs. But otherwise this phone is a whole bucket of win.

    1. The +1 is largely for the Starman. 2112!!!!

    2. Same here came from the m8 so far my battery experience has been good, it’s actually slightly better than on the m8 and given the quad HD display I think it’s a dually pretty impressive

  4. I still think the Droid Turbo is one of the best phones (not phablets) out there. Nice size, insane battery life, great camera.

    But damn that S6 and it’s “Six Appeal” Arrrrrgh…

  5. People and tech reviewers always forget that the S6 has DDR4 RAM Memory and that its a 18nm chipset…this alone beats EVERYTHING on the market already
    It also has the strongest aluminium -aircraft grade, gorilla 4 glass, less bloated touch wiz etc etc etc)

    For me the tech spec sheet alone wins hands down

    1. Unfortunately it is not possible to buy the S6 128GB variants yet and whilst the internal memory is fast, I would prefer the microsd option especially with 200GB versions from SanDisk coming soon. I also like to keep at least one fully charged spare battery handy which is something I cannot do with the S6. I will seriously consider the LG G4 which is rumoured to have a microsd card slot, removable battery and what may be the best camera yet on a mobile device.

      Coming from a Note 3, the rumoured G4 size would be fineis for me.

  6. No removable battery, no exsd support…

    … No thanks.


  7. There is nothing out there yet to top the Galaxy Note 4. Be it Samsung or any other manufacturer. Samsung went all out when they brought out the Galaxy Note 4. The S6 is nice as is the Edge but without a SD card and no removable battery and still no water resistance they made a huge mistake. The Note 5 will have to be awesome for me to upgrade..

    1. I don’t think that they made a mistake at all. In fact if the Note 5 is more like the S6 then it will be my next phone after the 6 Plus that I use right now. I have used a lot of phones, my Android devices have included the Droid X, S2, S3, and Nexus 5. I prefer the build on phones that do not have removable batteries.

      1. Understand what you are saying… the S6 is a great phone and definitely a terrific design. Can’t understand why the lack of SD card and removable battery though and still no water resistance???? To me that should be a must have… I will wait for the Note 5 and it will have to be awesome for me to upgrade from the Note 4. The design doesn’t mean a lot to me as I always put my phone in a case….. but the features do. Still nothing compares with the Note 4… in my humble opinion. of course…. ;-)

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