YouTube sends notice to content creators about upcoming ad-free subscription service


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We’ve heard for quite some time now that YouTube wanted to explore an ad-free subscription service. The concept is simple: you pay money, you don’t get annoying ads at the beginning, end or sometimes middle of a video.

Google has been hesitant come out and confirm anything, but it looks like they’ve finally let the cat out of the bag. Several partnered YouTubers have reported receiving emails from the company informing them of a forthcoming subscription service that will allow their viewers to pay good coin to dodge those annoying ads that play when you watch a video.

The email was scarce on any details about the service such as cost, but Google did note that partners would be able to get in on the new revenue stream (which was the whole reason for them sending this notice — it will create significant changes to the company’s standing terms of service policies).

Google is already providing a similar option in the same ballpark called the YouTube Music Key. It’s a $10 per month service that lets users access music videos ad-free, as well as cache them for offline viewing should an internet connection fail to be available. Extending a similar service for the entirety of the video content on YouTube would be a big deal for those who absolutely loathe having to view ads (even if most of them can be skipped after 5 seconds).

The timing of the announcement might indicate that Google is getting ready to pilot the service this year, though without any hard details your guess is just as good as ours. We imagine any formal announcements will be saved for Google IO so stay tuned!

[via Bloomberg]

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  1. $10 per month.. pass. Maybe $10 per year. For now, I will continue to either (1) skip (2) turn off volume (3) let ads run and then just restart the vid a minute later after ads over. All for free.

    1. If they combine it with their current music pass then it wouldn’t be that bad. $10 / month for no-ads Youtube? Including music videos, which gives you background play on Android? It’s like the original MTV + random videos (So the new MTV?) without ads on the side.

      Honestly it depends on what other features they offer with it. It’s Google though, they will only initially disappoint. It gets better… when they set their mind to it.

      1. Yeah, YouTube silently became the better than original MTV replacement a while back and I have been diggin’ it! The auto playlists with no commercials plus ability to go back and replay it is just amazing!

    2. Adblock for Youtube Chrome extension. Problem solved.

      1. Exactly. I didn’t realize there even were ads on YouTube.

        1. You can’t be serious. You didn’t know?

  2. I’ve earned a whopping $46.31 since I enabled ads (nearly, if not all, are small banners at bottom of video) back around the end of 2011…

  3. Roll it into the play all access subscription ;)

  4. or just use adblock, and no ads whatsoever?!?!?!

    1. How do you do that on Android? Esp. if you’re not rooted. And even if you are, Adaway quit blocking them a few months ago.

      1. I was referring to desktop YouTube. I haven’t seen an ad in YouTube on my laptop in ages. I don’t think there’s a way on Android.

      2. Use the mobile version of Firefox with the phony addon set to Desktop firefox and the AdBlock+ Addon installed? At least it works for me

        1. I actually tried this today on my Note 10.1 2014. The only thing that happens is that when I try to play a Youtube video in Firefox, it opens up the native Youtube app :( I’ve cleared every cache/data option for Youtube under apps, but still no luck. Did you have this problem too?

          1. Video plays fine in firefox for me using my Kindle Fire HDX 8.9(2013)

          2. I actually got this to work using Chrome. I guess since I have Adaway installed, the whole thing works. Thanks for the suggestion :)

          3. Glad to see something worked

    2. I use adblock and YouTube still plays ads. These are the ads inside the video player.

      1. Just Google search for “hacked tubemate no adds”

        You’re welcome

  5. Xposed for Android has a module that lets you watch YouTube videos and free.

  6. Ads aren’t even that bad on YouTube, even if you binge watch content.

    1. I agree, they’re tolerable because they’re tailored to me. They’re not *wanted*, but I tolerate them.

  7. I pay 7.99 for Google play and I’m not getting ads on any YouTube videos now, so am I not understanding something?

    1. We don’t get any ads on music videos but we still get ads on other videos. I suspect they will fold it into one plan if we want so we don’t have a YouTube Music Key + YouTube Ad Free.

    2. Do you mean *all* Youtube videos? I have All Access and I get ads on Youtube.

      1. i’m not getting any ads. I thought that no one that had Google play was seeing video ads on YouTube, but after talking to my son, he told me the same thing that was talked about here. Why am I not seeing any? I have been loving it though and have found that the money for just ad free would be worth it :)

  8. wonder if i could just keep doing these surveys enough to pay for it?

  9. Woot! I will totally pay for this!!! I already pay for the ad-free music video experience (Google Play Music All Access/YouTube Music Key) but will definitely pay a bit extra for no more ads on YouTube.

    Then I just hope I can pay for no ads on every single Google product.

  10. Um…? I’m a bit confused. I have this unwanted Youtube icon on most of my music in Google Music within the app. I guess that’s part of All Access, I don’t really care, I just want it gone.

    But if my music wants to link me to Youtube, why can’t *that* subscription also apply to Youtube and I don’t get ads there?

    So Google is going to link me to Youtube with my subscription only to tell me that if I want to watch this music video without ads I have to pay… again? Eh… I really hope my All-Access subscription applies to the Youtube subscription as well, or they’re one-in-the-same. I don’t mind Youtube ads *too* much since they’re tailored to me, but it’s still kinda upsetting since I’m already paying for the music. It feels like they’re making me pay twice. Like double taxation for some corporations.

    1. Your All Access applies to music videos. This would be a subscription that covers all Youtube videos, not just the ad free music videos you are already paying for through your All Access.

      1. Fudge…

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