LG will let 4,000 people test the LG G4 for 30 days before its release


lg g4 event invite

What better way to judge the worth of your flagship smartphone than to let people who plan to buy one test it out ahead of launch? LG’s taking the chance to do that for the LG G4, as the company has announced that they’ll be letting 4,000 lucky people test the phone for 30 days ahead of its launch.

Folks in 14 different countries are eligible, including Turkey, Indonesia, Singapore, United States, China, India, Brazil, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Mexico, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong.

So what do you have to do to get a chance? We’re not exactly sure just yet. LG says you’ll have to apply and they’ll pick 4,000 people based on their response, and you’ll also get to increase your chances by sharing those responses on various social networks. What sort of response, exactly, they didn’t say, but we’re told to keep an eye out on their social network accounts over the next couple of days for more details.

Being able to test out a major flagship device before its launch by writing some words? Not a bad deal, even if it’s only for 30 days. And who knows? Perhaps you’ll end up liking it enough to buy one once they’re finally available. LG has confirmed that the LG G4 will be fully unveiled April 28th, so stay tuned to see what’s in store.

[via LG]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. sign me to i’ll try it

  2. I actually considering the G4 as there’s been no update on Phone Bloks or from Yota for the States.

  3. “Participants will be selected from applicants based on their entry responses (selection criteria may vary in each market). Individuals can increase their chances of being selected by sharing their application experience on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Weibo.”

    Sounds like LG has taken a page out of the OnePlus Marketing Playbook……………. ;-)

  4. Imma be on this like white girls on NBA players!!!

    1. True!!!!

  5. I expect phandroid to keep me posted so I can sign up the moment it goes live

  6. So do our marketing for us and you stand a chance to win a free phone?! Yeah, I rather more let lg convince me to buy the phone, not make their jobs easier.

    1. This is why I refuse to participate in social media type contest entries. No matter how cool the winnings could be, I hate the hoeing out of people & biz’s on social media to earn a slight chance to get something worth 1000x more than your effort. And the amount of gross pandering nonsense… people sell their souls on a regular basis for dumb contest entries they won’t win.

    2. But what if you already have social outlets in which you talk about technology.. Then this is pretty convenient. I use all my social outlets to talk about tech. Also…

      What if you are satisfied with the LG G2 and G3? And you wanna spread the word on how great LG devices are?

      I think more people woud take advantage of this than not ..especially if your into tech.

      1. I love tech, but come on. This is simple exploitation. If they said 10k 4gs cool, but 4k? (Maybe because its the fourth iteration), but than likely they’ll pick someone with a pretty face with a bunch of thumbs ups

        1. Agreed on the second point.

  7. How

  8. Gee. Australia is always left out and last to get the good stuff!!

    1. What are you talking about? Miranda Kerr, Sydney Opera House, quokkas …

      1. silly me….forgot all about the quokkas….the other 2 I can take or leave. ;)

  9. But how could we be the testers? Nothing useful related to the key point?

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